Friday, July 1, 2011


I guess it should really be fry-day because I'm slightly lobstery today! Took the kiddos to the park to meet their mom and stayed to chat with mom and watch the baby (10 months old) down a piece of pizza!
I raced to work, thinking I was 5 minutes late, but I ended up 25 minutes early! Oh well, i'll take the extra couple bucks!
It wasn't as bad today, at least when I had my older group. Sure, some of them have attitude, but I appreciate the fact that they can go to the bathroom on their own!
I came home exhausted and my feet hurt, so I let ian rub them. For those who know me well, thats a BIG deal! They really hurt!
I posted that I wanted to do the chocolate covered strawberries at work tomorrow but unfortunately we are going to not be doing that. Maybe i'll think of something else (aka cheaper) before tomorrow. I saw some cool things on other blogs I read, like a popsicle stick flag, but thats just not as cool :( We will do food coloring fireworks though! And it well be awesome haha!!

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