Thursday, November 17, 2011

Turkey hair clips

I made these for a couple coworkers and a couple kids at work last night, the youngest recipient called him "Tango Turkey Bubbles"... I'm not sure why but it totally made my day!!

What you need:

Fall colored silk flowers (I used 2 and got 4 turkeys out of it)
brown felt
orange felt
eye balls (I like these tiny black eyes better than the googly eyes)
hair combs (my local craft store sells them for a quarter a piece, but if you have old ones you can recycle)
hot glue gun

The how-to:

Remove the stem from the flowers, then the plastic "caps" found at the base that helps hold it together.

Remove each layer of petal and sort by size/color

Cut the layers in half

Start layering petals together to make your feathered tail, attaching each layer with hot glue

Free hand a turkey body out of the felt and attach him to the petals at both the bum and the head, otherwise the "heavy" eyes make him droopy.

Attach eyes and a nose

Glue turkey onto comb with curved side up--that way he faces out when you wear him in your FABULOUS hair!

If you don't want to wear a turkey on your head, you can glue them to napkin rings, place cards, or whatever. They're very simple!!

I found the link from where I got the idea, so click here if you need step by step pictures!