Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awesome Possum

That's me, except I'm not a possum. But if I were, I'd be an awesome one.

I went to a cemetery last week sometime. I was actually okay with it. I used to be so afraid of them. I think I walked on some people. Sorry.

I have absolutely nothing exciting to talk about that has pictures to go along with them anyway. My roommate and I occupied ourselves for an hour with a game where I'd say a word, and she'd say one that started with the last letter of my word. An hour people. We are awesome. And we never repeated a word. Have you ever wondered how many words you actually know? Too many my friends!

Oh, wait, I might have stories!!

Cherie went to California this last weekend for the break. That meant I was in Utah for the weekend visiting my friends. My first stop was Temple Square. After the semester I had I really wanted to go. I took a tour which was really cool.

Then I ran over to the Gateway Mall and surprised Jared. It was awesome. I got a very pretty dress and shiny gold shoes and shirt for $35 (all of it at original cost would have been over $200, yeah, I'm that good).

Then I went and saw Diana and Troy, then went to Meghan's where I promptly fell asleep after saying "no, I'm not tired..." Yeah, famous last words people. The next morning Kyle was super happy (their son) and I snapped a couple pictures.

His dad got some awesome ones later, but I really like this one, so I'm going with it.

Chloe wanted a new camera yesterday so we went to Best Buy and then over to the mall where I spent a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket since my birthday. I got the cutest dress! Originally $44, I only paid $8 with tax. Yay to clearance and gift cards!!! :)

And here is a picture of my birthday dress, because I forgot to take one earlier. Look how SHINY it is haha! And the shoes, totally sexy!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh what a day

My first day of work and I slept until about 10 minutes before I had to leave. I got there in time though, because I'm awesome and I rocked that ponytail like no one's business. It went really well today, there were some tears (from the kids) and some blood (also a kid) but those weren't my fault. I was actually very good at fixing them. Shayna helped (or did all the work) for the blood one, but I would have if I had the ability!We made the cutest torn paper campfires today, which inspired the kids to draw bugs and one girl even made a can of bug spray. I was told by another kid as I labeled the can "Bug Spray" that I had to write "OFF" or it wasn't real. It was pretty funny and came out really cute. I forget what's on the plan for tomorrow but it should be fun!

After work I ate some spaghetti and had some ice cream. I kinda forgot to eat at work today, except for a small bowl of Cheerio's and half a cinnamon roll. Those kids kept me so busy! Even when they were eating I was busy. I'll get the hang of it before long. I hung out with some friends and then made delicious almond crusted chicken with a home made tomato pineapple sauce on a bed of wheat pasta. Now, this is a wordy entry, but I was told my picture was gross looking so I have no picture for it. I will probably take pictures of our campfires tomorrow, and add them, but nothing for tonight.

While sitting outside listening to music and blowing bubbles (and being attacked by birds---which may have been bats but I hope not) I decided I really wanted a cup cake. The Cocoa Bean was only open another few minutes, so I ran inside, told Cherie to put some pants on (she was in boxers people) and drove over real quick. Oh man, by the time I got home I wasn't actually all that keen on a cupcake, so I decided to put it in the fridge. But I decided to have a bite first. Well, that was the end of that! Such a good cupcake!! I love Cocoa Bean!

Oh yesterday we finally got pictures as an apartment, it's crazy how hard it was to get 6 girls together for just 10 minutes. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lesson Plans and Memories

I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually (probably the 2nd or 3rd time) but right now I'm very excited about the coming week. I really hope I help these kids learn and that they like me as a teacher and not just as the play mate I've been for so long.

In other news, I love the game Farkle. it's basically the greatest game ever!

I played it at work one day and then saw it on Facebook and have been playing every day since. Sad but true my friends. I asked a friend how to get a high score and I suppose he taught me too well because I'm currently ahead on the scoreboard haha!

Farkle is a fun word. Say it a few times. Ready? Farkle farkle farkle. Yeah, there's a smile on your face. It made me think of other fun games from my childhood...why, I'm not sure, but here are some of my favorites!

Pizza Party!!

It was like memory, but on pizza haha!

"He looks good in whatever he wears, but he

won't wear RED" ahahahahaha

"There's a sale at the FASHION BOUTIQUE"

Gotta love those hippos!

This is when I learned to spell "spaghetti"!

Seriously I loved this snappy robot!

Well that was fun. And I'm sorry the pictures weren't up before, they were when I saved it! But hopefully it works this time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Paint War

So Friday my dear friend Daniel came to visit. When I was in Texas I saw him, and now he came to see us! It was his birthday so we went to Craigo's (well, we would have gone anyway, it's our favorite place!)

Then after that we decided to have a paint war, because who wouldn't want to play with paint?!

The End

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Okay, so it's been a crazy weekend! Thursday I got a new position at work, being in the baby room and I'm so excited! I get to make lesson plans and teach the kids things and I'm really grateful for the chance I get! Woohoo!!

Then we (Cherie and I) left for Utah. We got to Blackfoot and the car went ka-plooey. That was at like 2, and we got home around...9. The engine seized so her brother had to come pick us up and then bring us back to Rexburg until he and his wife left the next morning. Well the whole time we were there I was being logical and quick thinking and trying to help as much as I could. But unfortunately I never let it set in that there was a problem so by the time we put it into someone else's hands and I could finally stop, I got myself in such a panic that I decided to just stay here. I didn't want to be a Debby Downer for the trip if I couldn't get myself calm.

So Friday I hung out in Rexburg and then Blake came over and watched a movie. Then I went to the Farmer's Market and hung out with Alicia for pretty much the whole thing. I brought $20 and got: 4 mini cupcakes (one is a fluffernutter flavor, I'm SO excited to eat it!), Cranberry/Cherry Granola, a Corn on the Cob on a Stick, a chunk of fudge, some pomegranate hand/foot scrub, and an adorable bracelet! And I got a couple truffles from Alicia and some caramel corn, which I don't even typically like but she has a knack for making awesome food! Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself. And I can't wait for next week!! I was out there handing out samples and just had an awesome time!

Then I went and saw Transformers again with Jon and it was awesome. I think I liked it even better this time. And I put together an adorable outfit too!

Saturday came and I went to the grocery store for cream cheese and yogurt. It took forever because the parade took up the important streets, but I figured it out. I got my food, drove around with Chloe, and then took a mini-nap. I went to the park to help Alicia sell more chocolates, and had an awesome time there too! I was thinking of wearing my lion suit, but it was so stinking hot and I looked cute in my dress so I was torn...and the dress won.

After the park, I headed down to Blake's family's lunch and played this game called ladderball. It was surprisingly fun, that is, until I broke the bolo (two rubber balls connected by a piece of string). Blake's dad pink carded me until I got it fixed. Well, I thought I fixed it, but apparently not well enough and when it got thrown it separated again. Then I tried to fix another one, and I was pretty much banished from the game haha!

I got the pink card taking away, finally, for carrying chairs to and from the fireworks spot. And guess what...I've been debilitatingly terrified of fireworks for I don't know how long....and this time I told myself, "Suck it up girl, it's time to be a grownup." And I had an AWESOME time! I was sad when the were over! And of course, I got no pictures because I left my camera in my purse at the house and then my phone died checking the score of the Arizona/Colorado game, but Arizona won, so that was good haha! But I have witnesses that I was there and I had no freak outs!

After the fireworks I had an amazing grilled cheese sandwich at like midnight and then headed back to Rexburg. All in all it was a good weekend. I wish I would have gone with Cherie, I miss her family and I was excited for the play her grandma was going to take us too, but I figured I had to make a decision when I did and that was the best one at the time. There will be other trips.

Phew, that was a long one. I'm gonna eat some of that granola now and try to remember to bring my camera with me to stuff so I can make these a little more exciting to read!