Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sexy can I....?

Woot, I got me a new haircut :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

collections on nothing

I actually just bought a book with the same title, it's my Christmas present to myself. I bought a bunch of textbooks--I think it was like 15--for just under $100. Yeah, that's right. I rock at life. And online shopping.

All week, but especially since Thursday, I've been trying so hard to write this talk I had for church today. It was supposed to be 15 minutes and I was a little worried. I knew I'd make it, but I wasn't sure by how much. But making it is making it, right? Well, I made it, that's for sure! I sat down and looked at the time....between 25 and 30 minutes! Oops! The High council man wasn't upset, he was the other speaker, and maybe he enjoyed not being the one that was supposed to fill time. But I had people laughing and smiling and a few people came up afterward and told me that they enjoyed it. That made me feel pretty dang good about myself.

Derek came to hear my talk too. He brought Kendra, who as much as I wanted to dislike (she stole my man! Even though he wasn't, I still could hope haha) her, I can't. She is cute and happy and polite and you can see that they like each other. And heaven knows I'm not going to mess up their happiness.

I miss having Cherie here when I'm at church. I sent her a crossword puzzle last night (yeah, I was taking a break from writing my talk, again) and she sent me one, but I forgot to print it off. But it's still not the same. I'm hoping to see her in April. I know it'll annoy CFR if I take a week off, especially in a time when everyone wants it, but I am a good worker. And I don't foresee any other breaks this year. Or maybe I just think I'm a bigger deal there than I know I am and they'll be okay! We'll see.

Anyway, that is all for now. I talked to Dad today, he seems to be doing okay and he hopes to be able to go home on Tuesday. I made him promise me he'd take it easy from here on out, but he said something about he'd try. But then I saw a car slide off the road so I had to get off the phone. Anyway, okay, now it is all done. Bye :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love having a computer!!

I have been without my computer and I've been so sad. I'm only using it now cause I'm at Karen and Nancy's, but I want you to know I'm still alive. I'm having tons of fun. I have no pictures, but oh well, at least you're getting something!! I can still check this on my phone, but it's not the same! But I have to share the computer, seeing as it's not mine and all. But I love you all and comment please. Just so I know you haven't given up on me!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


You Are Broccoli Casserole Soda

Vegetarians taste better!

Your Christmas Stocking Will Be Filled With a Puppy

Well - one cute, soft, cuddly puppy...

And a very soiled Christmas stocking.

You Are An Extrovert!

You have a ton of friends, perhaps more friends than anyone you know.

Nothing to do on Friday night? No problem for you to find the action.

You're friendly, easy to know, and you seem to get along with almost everyone.

You love to express yourself - and everyone knows a good deal about you.

Whether you're giving your opinion or sharing your dreams, you don't keep anything in.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Heavens to Betsy, life is good!

Okay, yeah, I admit, it's been a few days. But I didn't have anything super duper awesome to write about.

I do now.

We had a puppy for a while! His name is Chase and he's a ten week old chocolate lab. It's for Cherie's sister in California so we kept him the week until Cherie's parent's went home today. He's such a cutie. I actually kinda miss him. But not his stink. He had some serious stink haha!!

I was at work Thursday and I got a phone call from the front desk asking what my dad's name was. I told her and she hung up. I thought, "Dang, that girl is a weirdo!" Haha, a couple minutes later I get a knock on the door of my classroom and she was there holding a giant cookie! My dad had it delivered to work and it was under his name (which was why they were confused and needed to know if it was really my dad). Well, it's delicious!

Thanksgiving was really good. I went to my roommate's sister-in-law's family's house for lunch and it was nice. I felt completely comfortable with the family and it was just nice to spend time with a family, even if it's not my own. After I sufficiently stuffed myself we were all just talking I got a phone call. From a boy...haha! I had asked him to come with me to the lighting of Main Street on Friday night, and he was calling to say he wouldn't be able to make it, but then asked me to go out with him Saturday night. Woohoo! I'll take it!

Friday shopping. I've never done this before. I had a tiny budget. But I went to Down East and got a new pair of slacks for $2.75!! And I got a free cami with it!

(It would have made more sense to just take a picture of me in it, especially since my hair is all cute and stuff, but frankly, I'm in my pajamas and don't want to get out of them again! And the pants are actually a dark brown, but that is impossible to show you from their website. And they're a size 6. Booya)

The lighting was so fun! This is a picture I grabbed from the news, but it's so much prettier in real life!

So tonight I went out to Jon Schmidt's concert. It was AMAZING!! I've gone now for 4 years in a row. I was so excited, and Derek and I had awesome conversation, which is always fabulous! Afterward we went to get some really good hot chocolate, but Cocoa Bean was closed (grr! I hate that they close at 10!!) so we went to Maverick and got some there. Not as good, but still delicious!

Ahh, and my boys are back from vacation. I missed them.

And I have another date--with someone else--Tuesday :) But Derek said he wants to go to Cocoa Bean another day, so I guess that can count as a sorta plan for another date. Yeah, I'll take it!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photo Shoot!

Okay, so here and here are the links to the albums, but I'm going to put a few of my favorite up here...

So Saturday my roommate and I and 3 of our best guys went out to the tracks for a photo shoot. Cherie made me look awesome and I'm going to miss her terribly when she goes home next semester.

Aren't my friends just such super stars? And ps, these are much better pictures than the last one I put up, but it is all healed now.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I wish I had something fun to blog about, but I do not. But...my hand is better. That's exciting I guess. And I'm going to a concert, either tonight or next Friday. We'll see what Cherie can do about the tickets. Now I gotta go to work. Blah 

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thriller, Fire, and Ice

Okay, so to start, sketigal comes from me being a gal that loves my spahgetti (sketi). There you go Ainsley haha

I was with the boys today hanging out with them, like I do. We were just being stupid, and one guy was setting stuff on fire. It was pretty hilarious actually. Crappy phone quality, but here you go:

So, before or after that, I don't remember, there was a little dancing to Thriller going on. Which I recorded too :)

Then came the ice. Forrest said, "Hey guys, who wants to try salt and ice?" I said, "Wait, doesn't that hurt?" So he tried it on Michael to show me that it's okay. And Michael said, "Oh, that's not bad at all." All pain was gone in five minutes. No remnants of the act were left. Even when we took a picture it was hard to tell anything even happened.

My turn.

I almost swore, but mostly because it went from 0-60 in no time at all. It was a bit painful, but Michael had been right. It doesn't get worse after it hits the painful stage. So then Forrest said, "Lemme try something." I didn't realize he was even doing anything different. I just sat there, la la la, and then he pulled the ice off. I had a freaking crater in the palm of my hand. Well, I'm not going to lie. It was pretty awesome looking right then. Then I went and washed off the salt, just like Michael did. I still had a frozen chunk of skin on my hand. But it was cool! And it didn't really hurt. Well....fast forward 10 hours. It still hurts. A lot. So I took a picture of my stupidity. The blue is the medicated aloe we put on it.

Fast forward another 10 hours. Oh my gosh, what have I done?! It's still all red, still very painful, still the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life. I've read, now, that I've given myself frostbite and it could take up to 3 months for the scar to diminish. I'm not sure about the pain, but I'd be okay chopping my hand off right now. And I friggin can't text well because my phone sits right on top of the pain. But I can type because my hand just lays flat for this.

Owwie :(

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Woohoo! Another Tag!

Here are 6 "non" important things about me. But What could be possibly un important about me? :)

1: When I go to sleep I alway have my hand on my stomach. If I'm tossing and turning I usually remember to put my hand on my stomach and poof, I'm out!

2: I have music ADD. I hardly ever listen to a song all the way through. I'll change it even if it only has like 5 seconds left sometimes!

3: I can sleep anywhere anytime. I hardly ever am awake on a plane (I usually am asleep before we take off), if I'm not driving (or not talking to a hottie driver haha) and the drive is more than an hour, or I'm watching a movie I've already seen, I'm gone. I can sleep with music on, lights on, people talking. Nothing bothers me when I decide it's nap time!

4: I only enjoy bacon if I get it at a restaurant. But it has to have syrup on it.

5: I really like laughing. I've only recently began this fascination with my laughs---I have like a gagillion!

6: I've always wanted to work at the Waldorf-Astoria for a day---holding the doors open for important people, Strange, I know, but I would really love it haha.

I now tag: Ainsley, Melissa, Michelle, Daniela, Stacey, and Talia.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guess who's back, back again...


So I didn't get much of any pictures this week--no camera--but we took a few the day I left. I will try and get those from my parent's computer as soon as possible.

I stayed awake the entire time last night on the shuttle. I was talking to the driver, a student up here that drives the shuttle on his off track, and we started listening to a book on cd he has. It was really good. We would have discussions every once in a while about what they had just said (it was a self help esque book) and sometimes that would lead to stories about us and growing up and we'd talk about that for a while. But since I didn't sleep I got like 2 hours of sleep after getting home til now when I need to go get dressed and get to work.

And my car isn't working so I gotta walk. And it snowed yesterday and was a little slick. Boo :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just a couple thoughts

So almost every night this week of vacation I've gone to bed earlier than my parents. Only once I stayed up later, but I had slept most of the day so it doesn't count. I'd blame jetlag, but I've gained hours. So really I'm going to bed 2 hours earlier than I would at home. Weird.

I hope my little brother always asks for (phonetically spelling of course) "chalk-a-wit milk" instead of chocolate milk. I thought about it today and realized I'd actually be sad when I heard him say it right.

In my opinion, even if things are bothering you or not working out (say, when you're trying to get repairs done) you should always smile and be polite. It's sad how many people don't. It's funny how confused they look when the person who smiles gets bumped to the head of the line and gets repairs done in not 3 days, not overnight, not even 8 hours, but one. One hour because of a smile. Or maybe I'm just a freaking hottie mc hot pants :)

I had some other thoughts, but this isn't really the place for them. Mmmmm, okay, goodnight!

PS: I just remembered it's time to Fall Back on the clocks. Which means not only am I going to bed earlier than everyone else, but I'll also get another hour of sleep. I'm a freaking old lady--but I have refused to use a pill sorter. So I'm not that old!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Say Cheese---Tag :)

Thank you Melissa! I do love being tagged.

So, I was tagged to post the 4th picture from the 4th folder in my pictures. Well, my 4th folder only had 3 pictures, so I picked the very next photo. And I'm glad cause it's a good one!

Okay, so I've always wanted walkie-talkies. I finally found them. Granted, they were TMNT, but hello...that's so cool!! They didn't work too great so they became a feature on my windowsill. Then there is the penguin. For FHE one night we had a snowman building contest. I thought it was going to be terrible, but we built an awesome bear--open mouth open paws and claws and everything. We totally won. Until someone beheaded him :( But my friend Chad and I shared the award (the penguin) with joint custody. I totally kept it forever hahaha

So during clean checks one day we decided to put them all up on the windowsill while we cleaned the table and posed them. It was a good time.

Okay, I tag Susan, Talia, Stacey, and Michelle :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Healthy Choices, even on vacation!

I figured I would be stuffing myself left and right this week with all this home cooking. Well, not so. I got sick (Whoop, big surprise)

Tuesday: Airport food is expensive so I got some french toast sticks and hashbrowns at the airport. I slept through the food service on the flights too. Shoot, I slept through take off and landing too! I love flying....
When I got to the house I had some roasted chicken, baked potato, and a slice of potato bread. Mmm...

Wednesday: A bowl of Magic Stars (lucky charms) for breakfast. A peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch when I thought I was hungry, but really it was my stomach cramping from sickness. So then, when I ate the cookie at the grocery store from the lady that thought my beast of a foster brother was old enough for a free one, I knew I was going to die. So I slept the rest of the day (between bawling and dying of course). That was at 3.

Thursday: I woke up late and tried a bagel. Meeh.... Had a pancake at 7. Plain. Ick. Then a banana because my legs were all crampy. Yeah....I don't think I'll be hitting the candy bowls much tomorrow! Yay!!!

I miss coming in and telling you all my healthy choices Ainsley! I hope I can start enjoying this vacation a bit more!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Location: Virginia

Hi loyal readers :)

I left Rexburg at 3 in the morning and headed out to Virginia. The flights were super bumpy and made me motion sick. So I got some delicious peppermint tea in Detroit. But before I got the tea I had to walk through this tunnel:

It kept changing colors and had music that matched what was going on. It was awesome. Very soothing. You know those glade light show air fresheners? It was like walking through one.

So then as I got on the plane I looked over and saw the coolest sign:

The sign said something like, "Challenge any person not displaying an airport ID" and has two guys posed to fight! Detroit has, by far, the coolest airport ever!

And then I saw my baby...he's so cute! Look how big he is!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick thought

Can I just say I love everything on here! There are so many cute things. Her earrings are adorable, and there are  cute notebooks and beanies and ahh! I love it all. I'm probably going to do some shopping soon. I should tell her I blogged about her. But I should probably do a better job at a blog. But I need to blow my nose and get ready for work. So later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love You In The Fall

Oops, I posted it with just a title at first. My bad.

Anyway, quick post before counseling. I freaking love fall!

Have you ever noticed that when leaves are super crunchy and falling all around you, it sounds like rain? I adore that. It makes my heart smile. I was driving back to work yesterday from my lunch and I got caught in this little wind tunnel...of leaves. It was beautiful. If I didn't have to get back to work right then I'd have stopped and just watched it. This is why I need a camera. I want to be able to take pictures of stuff like this when it happens. Not google a picture and add it or hope that someone else is with me with a camera.

Then last night I did not go to the gym because I had stuff to do and I would have needed to take a shower after the gym, obviously, but I didn't have time to do that and get my full work out in. So I went for a walk around town. It was a beautiful fall evening. I had my overly big winter coat on (last winter I was a fatty and I haven't had time/money to get one this year) my super cute hat that my friend made me, and my ipod. What else would a girl need?!

It was a gorgeous night, and I loved just rocking out between Will Smith, Joe Buddens, Timbaland, Primary songs haha, and the occasional Indonesian song. And just as I was walking through the cute little homes away from campus, the great song "Love you in the Fall" by Paul Westerberg came on. It's such a cute love song. I'm so glad I'm not one of those bitter people that can't listen to love songs unless I'm in love. Gah, they annoy me with their sadness.

I went to a soccer game too, with a blanket and hot cocoa (good bye workout haha!) and loved it except I had a pounding headache. But I left at halftime because of it and then took a hot shower and crawled into bed. I had a friend buy me some sinus medicine and boy o boy that was good stuff! I felt great this morning! I'll probably take some tonight too just to make sure I'm all better but I may have stopped a really bad cold in it's tracks. Booya and take that. Then this morning I woke up to $10 by my bed. Well good morning to me! My roommate apparently borrowed my car, which is totally fine, but I guess the medicine was a little stronger than I thought, I never sleep that soundly! But I needed it for sure. And I got 8 hours (almost to the minute) of sleep. Rock on!

Okay, well I gotta go to the bank and then therapy, woohoo! Stacey, have your baby please. Ainsley, comment like you do. And someone else please. Because seriously, I feel so alone......

Love ya!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oops, I did it again :)

Yeah, that's right. I worked out again. I know. That is all. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too hot to handle

Dear You,

I just went to the gym and I'm so proud of myself!

I worked on the bike for 30 minutes. I got 10.2 miles (10.89 with the cool down) which, according to my calculations is like, oh 22 mph. Yeah....you can be shocked cause I was too.


I went to the elliptical and did like 5 minutes of backwards riding, which is intense, but it was cool that it didn't feel weird (like I was going backward) after a minute or two. But I only did 5 minutes because my legs were so tired and my roommate wanted to do weights and I figured I'd do them with her because I don't really know what I'm doing over on that side.

Holy crap...so much fun! I am way buffer than I thought too. Must be picking up those kids all the time at work or something. I was doing 2 reps of 10 (I'm trying to use gym speech, but I don't know if it's right) and I felt good. I did different machines for a half hour. I felt like I was floating. It was so amazingly amazing.

Ainsley, this was mostly for you. I think you may be the only one reading that cares. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me to do this again. It really didn't take long (just over an hour with changing and stuff). Last week was pathetic to say the least. I know I can do better. I just have to actually do it.

Goal: Do this again at least 3 times next week.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You're the inspiration....

Ainsley :) But I cheated making mine, 5 minutes...words found through google. Yeah, kinda pathetic :P

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sand Dunes!

Okay this was all a few days ago, but still a good time. We took more pictures, but I really need to get my own camera so I don't need to rely on others to post pictures so I can steal them.

I got this great idea to get a puzzle to keep me from going crazy this semester. Yeah, stupid me bought a 1000 piece one. I did the smallest amount, my roommates and friends did it all. But I put the last piece in :)

Freezing at the dunes

Aww, aren't they cute haha ;)

Haha, Cherie totally tackled him, and then I just kinda jumped in afterward.

Look at the awesome sand storm we were in! Awesome except when it was getting in our eyes, mouths, salsa, chips, soda....yeah....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Evening

My roommate, old roommate, and fishing buddy (even though we haven't gone yet) went to Mesa Falls tonight. We got super scared after Hans hid in the darkness and even more scared when the light at the creepy cabin came on, when it didn't look like anyone was there. So we belted some Hymns and ran for the car. But there were some cute pictures....and some delicious brownies. I'm sorry Ainsley. I really need you around when I think about eating.

I'm driving believe it or not.

Cherie tried jumping in front of Hans

Being Mary and Joseph

Diana just screamed in my ear. SO SCARY!

Backseat mischief

We ate those on the way--the rest on the way home.

Hans had long enough arms to get us all in the picture after I failed :(

Yay! Me and Diana!

Cherie and half my face!

I had a video that taken as my FHE brothers just threw some stuff together on this cool drum thing and a guitar. Then after the song, I played the drums--I was kinda awesome, not gonna lie ;) But the video quality stinks on my phone. Maybe after Christmas things will get better hahaha

Sunday, September 21, 2008

8 Things

I was finally tagged in something! How exciting for me!

8 TV shows I love to watch
Arrested Development
So You Think You Can Dance
Burn Notice
Doogie Howser, MD
The Mary Tyler Moore Show

8 Favorite restaurants
Johnny Carino's
5 and Diner
Steak and Shake
Joe's Pizza
Uptown Bagelry

8 Things that happened yesterday
Watched Roman Holiday
Talked to my buddy and listened to his engagement story, which rocks!
Talked to my grandma
Ate my weight in spaghetti :)
Purposefully almost ran over my friends fiancee---but it got really close when he pushed her into my way even more!
Got my eyebrows tamed, owwie!

8 Things I am looking forward to
My birthday :D
Seeing my family
Getting back into running
All my friends getting married and being so extra happy
Playing Play-doh with my kids someday :)
Making Monkey Bread on Easter
My next trip to Bozeman, MT.

8 Things on my wish list
Owning a beautiful piece of art
Walking down a adorable Main Street around Christmas when it's snowing and it reflecting off the holiday lights
Learning to fly
Being debt-free (college loans stink!)
Flying in a hot-air balloon
Make someone shoot milk out when I make them laugh
Actually finish a puzzle myself
Write a book

8 People I'm tagging...
Ainsley (just kidding), Susan, Rachel, Melissa, Diana, Hannah, Talia, Stacey, and Meghan


Very little reading required....

Hannah loves me so much

Dwight is happy to be there with me, Tyler is freaking out!

Jon is more fierce, but I'm so cute and cuddly!!

I love the song "Creep" and this stranger boy played it for me on the guitar!

Don't know him, but he wanted to hug me, and "for balance requirements" (haha, wink wink) I wrapped myself around him.

I was pooped ;)

Is it still called a piggy back ride if it's on a lion?

Oooh! So excited!

Rawr baby!

Some more strangers, and I really scared her, just walking in and sitting next to her. It was worth it completely!

I look good in that apron! Thanks to my new friend Reagan.

How jealous are you of me right now??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I bought a typewriter!

Yeah, I did, it's true. And AWESOME!!

I am going to blog tomorrow when I get the pictures in. But that's so you know that I am not a hypocrite, asking people to write new entries and then i don't do it myself! That would be terrible.

Oh man, you are just gonna bust a gut laughing about this stuff I did tonight. Ahhh, awesome, awesome, awesome! 

Til later!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My song!

This is pretty freaking sweet!!! This is the song that was number one on my birthday!

So, go find yours! And post it as your own entry! And let me know that you did it too so I don't have to blog-stalk you!

Thank you sis!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I go to therapy. Every Friday morning. It's been for a long time actually. Like a year or so. I can't even believe that I didn't do this before. I have had a few; these last two have been my favorite. And this one is FREE! But he's super talented, I'd want to pay for it if I could.

It's funny, he gives me these assignments, sometimes not explicitly, but I know that whatever we talk about one week, I should try and implement the next week. I love having a goal like that. And when I do really well I think, "I can't wait to talk about this Friday!" And when I do he gets so happy that I know that he really does care and wants me to succeed. This next week's experiment is so cool, I'm really excited for it. I can't write down what it is, in hopes of keeping the integrity of it intact, but next week I can say something :)

I am so sleepy! I started writing this at 11:45 this morning, but then I went out and stacked my old roommate's furniture in front of her door, and then went to work. After work I've just been running around all night. Saw some friends, played a little shoe-soccer (found an old shoe on the tennis courts and kicked it around---lots of fun and stubbed toes!), and got myself good and tired to sleep in tomorrow!! And then I'm getting sushi for dinner (paid for by a friend) and watching Jeff Dunham and Brian Regan on Comedy Central. Yay!!! And hopefully some college football too in there.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Wordle Creations

This is from wordle.net and they're so much fun to make!

Here's my resume haha!

And a poem I wrote....but jumbled of course...

It's interesting, the more you use a word, the bigger it is, and if I were to write a list of stuff that I really liked or whatever, it'd be fun to see what else it would come up with. Hmm. Boredom project? 
Oooh! I have printer paper that is stickers! I could do this, and then make stickers of them....holy cow. Best idea EVER!! 

I'm gonna borrow Talia's camera at one point too so I can get a picture of the crafty thing I made the other day. It totally rocks. 

Anatomy of a Gummy Bear

Haha, when I have $30, I'm buying this for my computer. I already have it as my background, just so I can get used to it. 

I've been one chunky monkey this last week. I eat out too much. I had sushi last Wednesday, Big Jud's on Friday, Backyard on Monday, and Craigo's last night. Look at these cute pictures my new neighbor Talia took!

So there are dimming lights, but the flash ruined that, so the pictures are just silly now. Erin thinks I'm an idiot haha..
Now she's a deer in the headlights...
"La la la, you can't see me, so I'm going to drink my free water." Erin
Haha, remember those commercials for Sure deodorant? "Sure? Unsure?" Haha!
And this is the awesome boat house on the outskirts of town. I'm going to enjoy having Talia around, she's got a camera, and I do not. So there will be more pictures! Yay!!