Saturday, February 18, 2012

If I blogged more I wouldn't have to title this "Catching Up"...

Things have been going pretty well here! Shouldn't complain (I'm not saying can't because I do complain, and it's a fault of mine...I'll work on it haha)

The weekend before Valentine's Day, Ian and I went to lunch, saw The Chronicle (meh, but I saw it because it's Valentine's and I love my husband), and then went to a hotel for the evening. Ian's sis is living with us and I wanted to get away. So Ian took me away! It was really romantic. And while we were still in town, we felt like we were far away. Until an old friend came up and said, "Oh hello! What are you doing here?!" **Hmm, it's a hotel, Valentines...want me to spell it out??** But it was still nice to get away. And with our room we got a gift card to Applebees, so that was a nice extra gift!

Then on Valentine's I got Ian a set of socket wrenches. Because I'm AWESOME. Because awesome people get their spouse tools. The extra good points come from buying them at like 9 pm Monday night. Ian is WAY better at gifting and planning than me. I had an epiphany on the way home from work that night, otherwise he would have gotten a bag of Reese's haha!

I took my first sick day in a LONG time on Thursday. I should have stayed home Wednesday though. I went in on Wednesday and knew I was in trouble when I couldn't figure out how many slices of bread it would take to make 2 half sandwiches. It's 2 by the way, if you were wondering ;) But after working on Wednesday I knew I wouldn't make it through Thursday so I stifled the guilty feelings of staying home, and just tried to rest. I didn't do that great of a job, but I sure tried!

With my sick day I ended up watching all my shows I reserve for Saturday so today I had to get creative! Well, I made my banana cake and spicy peanut chicken, did the dishes, did the laundry, moved all my everything onto Ian's computer. Now I'm just waiting for Ian to come home!

I need pictures...