Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I finished school on Thursday! I'm super proud of myself. Yes, college took 6.5 years, but I made some amazing friends, learned a ton of stuff, and I'm done now, so what does it matter, right?!!

Here are a few pictures from when I was in school. They're not in chronological order because I can't think right now.

When does post-final brain drain repair itself??

Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland

Tonight I was having a hard time focusing on homework so I decided to take a walk through town. I did it the other night too, but it was raining and only like 3 people in town had Christmas lights so it was uber-depressing...until I heard carolers. But it helped me focus on my homework!!

Tonight was gorgeous. The snow was resting perfectly on every surface, almost like no one went outside all day. I don't think anyone did because everyone is chickens when it comes to snow, but it was cool to see snow that hadn't been touched. Everything was perfect. I had great music on my iPod, and I thought about my assignments and organized in my mind how little I really have left. I just gotta do it!

Here are the pictures from my walk. Remember, Santa might be bringing me a camera so I am still taking pictures on my phone. No judgements :P

See, the snow just sat perfectly on the bush...okay you can't see what I saw, but it was pretty :)

This is Ben Franklin and he's sitting very lonely with no one beside him...

Here's a lovely couple that at least had each other :)

Here's William Rand Tavern, and Paula Dean has been here!

So the perspective is off, but this is a bench with three little butt prints on it. So much for untouched snow!!

This was supposed to be a nice shot down the street, but I do love that the sidewalks are brick. I do love this town!

First snow fall

This morning we were greeted by snow on the ground. It's super wet snow that is perfect for snowballs!

Brenna and I were against Ian and we won. He ended up coming out with a shield (I'd describe it but he might be embarrassed hehe) but I am sure that even without the shield we would have won.

It's also our 4 month anniversary, which is cool. Like super freaking cool!! I was going to make Ian breakfast in bed but the snowball fight got in the way of that, so I made yummy homemade cinnamon rolls for lunch!!! They were SO good!

Last night we decorated gingerbread houses!!

This is Brenna's.

Me and my house

Ian's House

Popsicle's House (that's my father-in-law)

It was so much fun decorating these! Ian's mom made peanut butter cookies while we were decorating and she put Hershey's Kisses on them! Yummy melty goodness!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Christmas Cards?!?!

I want to do *this*, but I don't know that I'll get them in time...but would people hate me if I got them out late? And do people want/like Christmas cards from newlyweds with no kids? I mean, you just got my wedding invitations a few months ago haha! I promise I'll use a "real" picture though hehe!

Even if I don't do it, maybe someone else can use them? All you have to do is post a blog about it and you'll get them. 50 free 5x7 holiday cards. Pretty awesome!

These are my favorite:

Ok, I'll admit, I'd like to use these with my wedding thank you notes....but is that so bad?? I mean, it's a GOOD idea! And that way if they're after Christmas it's not a huge deal because they're also thank you with a dash of Christmas...oh I don't know what to do?! Help!

Our first Christmas

I'm getting so excited! This month is crazy for me: I finish school next week (forever!) and then we have Christmas! We were going to move also, but thankfully (and unfortunately, depending on the day) we are waiting until April.

Remember last year? It was crazy. I was *trying* to work and trying to figure out life on my own and I ran away from it all to move home. I remember standing outside the mechanic shop (read this for a better understanding) and just saying, "Daddy bring me home!" I wasn't sure if it was a good idea but I needed to get away. It was a good choice though, a perfect choice, because I met my wonderful and amazing husband after I got home!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!

Here are some pictures of decorations we made/bought for our room. They're from my phone, here's hoping Santa brings me a camera this year!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Favorite Christmas Commercials

So Target is doing an amazing job this year with commercials. I love their song "You'll Never Find My Christmas."

I was looking for the song and found this blog: click here

Not only does this blog have all the Target ones, but an homage to a ton of awesome commercials! Haha!

So anyway, on the blog there is also a link to the Target website where you can download the whole album for FREE. After getting the free VeggieTales Christmas album last week, I'm definitely excited to listen to this one. Maybe Ian will still like to listen (he wasn't a fan of the VTC).


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm alive!

So I post all the time on my religion class blog and I forget about this one. I am!

Dang, I don't actually have anything cool to say.

I've been hanging out with people from Relief Society lately. That's been fun. We made some coasters!! I have another set in the car, they weren't done drying yet so I left them out there because I didn't want to drop them on the way in. I did something crafty!!!

I fell down some stairs like over a month ago. This picture is about 2 weeks old. I still cant touch my leg without it hurting super badly, but at least it doesn't look as gross.

I graduate in 17 days!! Which means I should be doing homework now but I did a lot this morning and I'm kinda tired of it. But I'm doing well. The other day I got some feedback on my work and the teacher said "I wish everyone turned in work like this!" Haha, it took me about 20 minutes to do it haha!

I gotta get back to work. Toodles!!