Monday, July 11, 2011

So sick...

Yesterday I made that yummy gorilla bread, but since I woke up at 5:30 in the morning I figured that's why I slept during church.
I felt a bit nauseas when I got home so I had some pasta. Then I took another nap and was out cold for like 3.5 hours. I couldn't figure out why my phone said it was 6:30 pm, I really thought I slept through the night.

Then the stomach cramps started. I won't go into the details but it was a long night! I fell asleep at 4 this morning. Went to my nanny job because she had a final to take but dropped her kids off with her after her test. Then I slept more this afternoon and had fevers off and on all day.

I have been trying to drink water but it cramps my stomach every time. I tried some soup, not good. I tried crackers, better than soup but still not good. When I realized it'd been 36 hours since I really ate anything I tried a slice of bread...the verdict is still out on that.

Sorry, not a happy or pleasant post, but thats life. Any suggestions on what to do? When should I go to the doctor, if I should?

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