Friday, October 31, 2008

Say Cheese---Tag :)

Thank you Melissa! I do love being tagged.

So, I was tagged to post the 4th picture from the 4th folder in my pictures. Well, my 4th folder only had 3 pictures, so I picked the very next photo. And I'm glad cause it's a good one!

Okay, so I've always wanted walkie-talkies. I finally found them. Granted, they were TMNT, but hello...that's so cool!! They didn't work too great so they became a feature on my windowsill. Then there is the penguin. For FHE one night we had a snowman building contest. I thought it was going to be terrible, but we built an awesome bear--open mouth open paws and claws and everything. We totally won. Until someone beheaded him :( But my friend Chad and I shared the award (the penguin) with joint custody. I totally kept it forever hahaha

So during clean checks one day we decided to put them all up on the windowsill while we cleaned the table and posed them. It was a good time.

Okay, I tag Susan, Talia, Stacey, and Michelle :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Healthy Choices, even on vacation!

I figured I would be stuffing myself left and right this week with all this home cooking. Well, not so. I got sick (Whoop, big surprise)

Tuesday: Airport food is expensive so I got some french toast sticks and hashbrowns at the airport. I slept through the food service on the flights too. Shoot, I slept through take off and landing too! I love flying....
When I got to the house I had some roasted chicken, baked potato, and a slice of potato bread. Mmm...

Wednesday: A bowl of Magic Stars (lucky charms) for breakfast. A peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch when I thought I was hungry, but really it was my stomach cramping from sickness. So then, when I ate the cookie at the grocery store from the lady that thought my beast of a foster brother was old enough for a free one, I knew I was going to die. So I slept the rest of the day (between bawling and dying of course). That was at 3.

Thursday: I woke up late and tried a bagel. Meeh.... Had a pancake at 7. Plain. Ick. Then a banana because my legs were all crampy. Yeah....I don't think I'll be hitting the candy bowls much tomorrow! Yay!!!

I miss coming in and telling you all my healthy choices Ainsley! I hope I can start enjoying this vacation a bit more!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Location: Virginia

Hi loyal readers :)

I left Rexburg at 3 in the morning and headed out to Virginia. The flights were super bumpy and made me motion sick. So I got some delicious peppermint tea in Detroit. But before I got the tea I had to walk through this tunnel:

It kept changing colors and had music that matched what was going on. It was awesome. Very soothing. You know those glade light show air fresheners? It was like walking through one.

So then as I got on the plane I looked over and saw the coolest sign:

The sign said something like, "Challenge any person not displaying an airport ID" and has two guys posed to fight! Detroit has, by far, the coolest airport ever!

And then I saw my baby...he's so cute! Look how big he is!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick thought

Can I just say I love everything on here! There are so many cute things. Her earrings are adorable, and there are  cute notebooks and beanies and ahh! I love it all. I'm probably going to do some shopping soon. I should tell her I blogged about her. But I should probably do a better job at a blog. But I need to blow my nose and get ready for work. So later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Love You In The Fall

Oops, I posted it with just a title at first. My bad.

Anyway, quick post before counseling. I freaking love fall!

Have you ever noticed that when leaves are super crunchy and falling all around you, it sounds like rain? I adore that. It makes my heart smile. I was driving back to work yesterday from my lunch and I got caught in this little wind tunnel...of leaves. It was beautiful. If I didn't have to get back to work right then I'd have stopped and just watched it. This is why I need a camera. I want to be able to take pictures of stuff like this when it happens. Not google a picture and add it or hope that someone else is with me with a camera.

Then last night I did not go to the gym because I had stuff to do and I would have needed to take a shower after the gym, obviously, but I didn't have time to do that and get my full work out in. So I went for a walk around town. It was a beautiful fall evening. I had my overly big winter coat on (last winter I was a fatty and I haven't had time/money to get one this year) my super cute hat that my friend made me, and my ipod. What else would a girl need?!

It was a gorgeous night, and I loved just rocking out between Will Smith, Joe Buddens, Timbaland, Primary songs haha, and the occasional Indonesian song. And just as I was walking through the cute little homes away from campus, the great song "Love you in the Fall" by Paul Westerberg came on. It's such a cute love song. I'm so glad I'm not one of those bitter people that can't listen to love songs unless I'm in love. Gah, they annoy me with their sadness.

I went to a soccer game too, with a blanket and hot cocoa (good bye workout haha!) and loved it except I had a pounding headache. But I left at halftime because of it and then took a hot shower and crawled into bed. I had a friend buy me some sinus medicine and boy o boy that was good stuff! I felt great this morning! I'll probably take some tonight too just to make sure I'm all better but I may have stopped a really bad cold in it's tracks. Booya and take that. Then this morning I woke up to $10 by my bed. Well good morning to me! My roommate apparently borrowed my car, which is totally fine, but I guess the medicine was a little stronger than I thought, I never sleep that soundly! But I needed it for sure. And I got 8 hours (almost to the minute) of sleep. Rock on!

Okay, well I gotta go to the bank and then therapy, woohoo! Stacey, have your baby please. Ainsley, comment like you do. And someone else please. Because seriously, I feel so alone......

Love ya!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oops, I did it again :)

Yeah, that's right. I worked out again. I know. That is all. 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Too hot to handle

Dear You,

I just went to the gym and I'm so proud of myself!

I worked on the bike for 30 minutes. I got 10.2 miles (10.89 with the cool down) which, according to my calculations is like, oh 22 mph. can be shocked cause I was too.


I went to the elliptical and did like 5 minutes of backwards riding, which is intense, but it was cool that it didn't feel weird (like I was going backward) after a minute or two. But I only did 5 minutes because my legs were so tired and my roommate wanted to do weights and I figured I'd do them with her because I don't really know what I'm doing over on that side.

Holy much fun! I am way buffer than I thought too. Must be picking up those kids all the time at work or something. I was doing 2 reps of 10 (I'm trying to use gym speech, but I don't know if it's right) and I felt good. I did different machines for a half hour. I felt like I was floating. It was so amazingly amazing.

Ainsley, this was mostly for you. I think you may be the only one reading that cares. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me to do this again. It really didn't take long (just over an hour with changing and stuff). Last week was pathetic to say the least. I know I can do better. I just have to actually do it.

Goal: Do this again at least 3 times next week.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You're the inspiration....

Ainsley :) But I cheated making mine, 5 minutes...words found through google. Yeah, kinda pathetic :P

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sand Dunes!

Okay this was all a few days ago, but still a good time. We took more pictures, but I really need to get my own camera so I don't need to rely on others to post pictures so I can steal them.

I got this great idea to get a puzzle to keep me from going crazy this semester. Yeah, stupid me bought a 1000 piece one. I did the smallest amount, my roommates and friends did it all. But I put the last piece in :)

Freezing at the dunes

Aww, aren't they cute haha ;)

Haha, Cherie totally tackled him, and then I just kinda jumped in afterward.

Look at the awesome sand storm we were in! Awesome except when it was getting in our eyes, mouths, salsa, chips, soda....yeah....