Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mmm pasta salad

Today was a bit of a disappointment: I got rejected again from donating plasma! Every time I go in there is something else that happens. This time they said my pulse was too high. I HAD TO PEE!!! I was anxious because something always happens and I really had to go but they wouldn't let me! And then I was getting upset...not great ways to relax haha!!

But a great friend is staying with us so that's awesome, and tonight I made lemon pepper chicken pasta salad, so that's awesome too.  So overall a great day!

Pasta salad

Lemon juice
Pasta (I used rotini, I think)
Frozen peas
Cheddar cheese
Lawry's Lemon pepper marinade

Dice the chicken up into small bits and cook on medium heat, covered, in a couple splashes of lemon juice.

In a large bowl add the frozen peas with a couple spoonfuls of the pasta water to warm them up. Don't use too much water though!

Make pasta according to directions but rinse on super cold water. Like COLD!! Add to the peas, and drain of the liquid from the chicken. Add it to the pasta and stir quickly to cool it off with the COLD pasta.

Cut the cheese (hehe) into small, tiny, itty bitty pieces. Make sure the pasta and chicken are not hot and add the cheese. Squirt in some marinade and toss it all together. Chill it all for about 10 minutes our until you can't stand the wait anymore!!

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