Tuesday, July 5, 2011


So today I got burnt twice!! Once by flaming hot cheetos haha (those actually burned so good...a spicy food that didn't make me sick!!!). U also got a weird sunburn on my legs...complete with white patches. No, it's not like blister white, just like something was on my knees and I didn't burn there! Very odd...I'll try to post a picture.
Today our friends came over to play Quelf...a fun party game for those of you that didn't know. It was just 4 of us and it didn't get too wild because of the cards that were drawn, but I think everyone had a good time!
Afterwards Ian bought me a sno-cone because my legs hurt haha (who has seen the movie Evolution? "I need ice cream...for my butt" hahaha).
After that I found out another good friend of mine got engaged. I'm not sure when but congratulations to then and especially to my Cheeseburger and her Cheese for yesterday (don't worry of you don't get it haha).
Back to the daycare tomorrow...

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