Friday, November 27, 2009

New Job...again!

I had my first day of work today and I loved it. It was so fast paced, but not terrifying. I just ran for shoes (getting sizes from the stock room) and kept the floor organized. I sold a pair of boots in like 5 minutes after starting. Sa-weet!

There's a girl there that I know, and she knows me, but we spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out the connection and we can't find it at all! Oh well, at least I know someone! Actually I know another guy there, he's in my ward. He recognized me when I was there for my interview but I don't think he realized it was me today when I said hi.

I did my register training so I can start doing that tomorrow. I really hope it goes well. *Crossing my fingers!*

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. I most certainly did!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I went to the museum at Idaho State University today with a friend and her family. It was lots of fun. I loved how excited her 4 year old was about all the dino-bones.

"Woah, it's so big!"

"Look, I'm almost as tall!"

A stegosaurus. Awesome!

We also saw a T-Rex head, but I was texting so I didn't get a picture. Oops :)

I finished my application, got my FAFSA done and my transcripts are en route to ISU. I pray that I will get in.

I like my new header photo, what do you think?

Current Temp outside: 17 degrees.
Current Temp in my room: 59 degrees.
Number of blankets on my bed: 5


Sunday, November 22, 2009

When I grow up...

I think I want to be an editor or publisher. I don't have any idea how to make that happen though. Cheryl asked me today what I want to do with my English degree and before I answered she said I should be an editor. Pretty much read my mind, that's for sure!

If I ever became a publisher this would be the background of my business card:

I want my company to be called "Sunlit Words" if that's not taken or something. If it is, I have no idea what I want haha! And yes, this is why my blog is called Sunlit Words and why that picture is the header. But some people read in Google Reader or whatnot and they might not see the header. So anyway....

When this last paycheck from CFR comes through I'm going to finish my application to ISU. I've got to pay for the application and the transcripts to be sent. That'll pretty much eat that up. But regardless, I need to make plans. I need to finish my FAFSA too. So much to do!

I found these pictures when I was looking for the one above. I thought they were pretty:

Driving away from the sunset as Cherie and I left California.

The shore in California. Gorgeous. I miss it.

Olympic National Forest, water coming out of a rock. This was super close to my Aunt's house, before she moved anyway!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My nephew and me

Haha, aren't we adorable?

How to get people to buy you a donut:

Give up rights to your first born child.

Any other suggestions?

The story

So you asked about the job. I applied there because I needed job that was closer to my new apartment. I wasn't getting enough money or pay at the job I had. I knew it'd be hard to leave because I had been there for over 2 years, but I got a phone call saying, "We want you and we would like you to start tomorrow." Well, after talking it over and thinking I realized I wasn't going to get another opportunity handed to me like that. So I got myself replaced and started my new job.


Everyone was so mean! I could understand if they were mean to the new girl, but no, it was everyone. I thought to myself I could be a good example and show them how NOT to talk behind people's backs and do the job these parents hired us for--loving their children a
nd teaching them.

We sat on the floor all day and the kids played with one center after another. They didn't do any sorts of teaching type things. I got in trouble for letting one little girl cry herself to sleep (it took about 5 minutes, but I was neglecting the girl), and in trouble for holding another when he cried (the opposite in my, now I was coddling). I suppose if I was more capable (since the manager there said I was incompetent) I'd know exactly what everybody expected of me.
I asked for help because I really did want to do a good job. I was told that it wasn't a job people were trained for, people just had it or they didn't. I'm pretty sure I've had it for at least the last 2 years...but apparently not. They asked if I wanted the last day to be that day or give two weeks. I decided to wait til they replaced me. That was at 11. They had a new girl at 4:30.

So now I'm back on the job hunt. I've been spoiled for 2+ years having a job I knew I wouldn't work nights and I knew I wouldn't work weekends. It's hard to say "Oh okay, let me go work somewhere I work a different shift every week so I can make no solid plans." But I figure by the time the next bill comes in the mail I'll swallow my pride and hopefully find something new. I was going to donate plasma today to make a little money but instead I get to go to the doctor to get a prescription for pink-eye. Great.

Oh, and people seem to only read if there are pictures so I put in a few. And they had nothing to do with anything. But hey, maybe you read it :)


Hehe, I love these kids! The youngest kept trying to ket in the pictures too, but he didn't make it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nananana everyday

I'm so happy. Which is surprising considering all the stuff going on in my life--having real bills to pay, not having a job, not being in school--but it's all going to work out.

I started my application for school yesterday. I've only got a few classes left so hopefully I can get done quickly. I also started an application to be a substitute teacher so that'll be good. It'll definitely keep me on my toes, but I am looking forward to it. I just need to get some professional reference letters done. I know of 2 so far that I can ask for, but I just need to think of a 3rd. And make sure they can all do it.

I'm going to Utah with Cherie for Thanksgiving. It's a blessing of not being in school and work. I don't have to get the day off. I'm looking forward to seeing her mom again. And finally spending some time with Schmee! We're having a sleep over one of these weekends. And going shopping hehe...window shopping though. We're poor.

That's all. Time to listen to some more music while I get ready for the day. And yes, it's quarter after 1 in the afternoon and I'm just getting ready. Don't judge. I'm an unemployed college drop out. And it's a snowy Saturday. I have full rights and privileges to this kind of behavior :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No worries kids, I'm alive!

I don't even know how many of you even follow me anymore. So, what should I tell you about since July? Wow...sorry about that guys!

I've moved, and I love my new place. I'm still getting used to living by myself, but I like the experience too. I wish I had oodles of money to decorate. Or even just oodles of money ;)

Halloween happened!! I carved a pumpkin, cool huh!?

And I was WONDER WOMAN!! I won the contest at work too.

I got a new job. And then I lost it today. You'd think that'd suck, but I'm glad to be out of there. They were not a good fit for me.

I have more to tell, I'm sure. Someone should send me one of those questionnaire things so I have a starting point. Or just ask a question and we'll see what happens :)

I'm back!!!