Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a big fan...

of Pom Pom Chocolates! This is a little shout out for my friend Alicia.

Holy yumminess! The orange is my absolute favorite, I wish I had a picture of me enjoying one, I'd post it here, but I ate them too quickly. Seriously, if you are in town, go to the Farmer's Market and buy some. Don't go for just one, you'll want more.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dinah, Puddles, Luau and such

Oh heavens to Betsy, I'm a terrible blogger. But, here for your viewing pleasure is a whole ton of pictures!

Cherie has a photo assignment for her religion class, and she dressed me up as Dinah from the Bible. I love being in pictures for Cherie...she makes me feel so pretty! Here are a few from that project:
I'm afraid the bad guy is going to find me.

So I'm running away.
Did I make it?!

Then one day we decided we had been cooped up from all the rain we have been having, so we went and played at the park.
Haha, Cherie likes to roll in the mud.
And to throw stinky mud on our sweet roommate.
Uh oh! She's coming after me too!
My war paint :)
She likes to kick the big puddles....she shows them who is boss.

Then Saturday we had my birthday party!
Yay! I love my birthday!
Melissa made the cutest cupcakes! Thank you so much! Everyone loved them!!
This is after the noodle the video on facebook :)
Some of my lovely party guests.

Diana and I called Troy!
After we cleaned the house and yard, the girls and I went to Applebees. That's a Shirley Temple in a "fancy glass".

And that's a strawberry pina colada for the birthday girl!

Thank you so much to everyone that has made these last few weeks fun. It's been really hard some days to even get out of bed, (hence the lack of blogging---who wants to read about depression? Not me!) so thank you for your support. I will try to keep posting better too!