Monday, April 26, 2010

Burn the stamps!

This is in honor of my friend Ellen who pretty much rocks at life.

She wrote a really nice post today that I feel like I can relate to. Granted, she was writing from the perspective of being married, pregnant, and her husband is in medical school, but other than that, I think I'm right there with her haha!

Here's part of her post:

We were told a thousand times "Just wait until you're married, then _______________ will change. That's just the way it is." Well, I hate to inform the world, but none of the things those people told us turned out to be true. It's NOT just the way it is. Sorry. [We] are, to put it plainly, a different sort of couple. That's not to say we are cool or anything, just different. We don't watch sports. We don't have "girl's nights" or "boy's nights" to have some time away. We've never had an argument or a fight. Disagreements? Yes. More in love than on our wedding day? Absolutely. ... My point is, life isn't a rubber stamp. One thing most certainly doesn't equal another. 

I was told a while back that I needed to have a fight with Ian to know if I really wanted to marry him. I didn't like that. If Ian and I disagree about something we work it out. Sometimes we'll joke after we "fix" the "problem" that we should have let it become a fight just so we can get married. But that's all it is to us. A joke. We know how to be serious, but we don't have to fight to be serious. Maybe everyone gets it and I'm being boring, but hey, at least I'm posting, right? :)

Anyway, I hope that when we get married and Ian is eyebrow deep in school work and everything else is going on that I can be as cool and level-headed as my friend Ellen. Yeah, she might not be stressed but she doesn't let it rule her life. 

Today's picture you get:
Yay for free circus noses!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oooh looky :)

Yesterday was a much awaited date for Ian and I. He always plans our dates. He does such a good job and I wanted to plan one for him. I planned it from start to finish (well, I thought so anyway!)

After I picked him up we went to Williamsburg, via the ferry. I am so glad we got the big ferry that Ian likes. We also had a loaf of bread and we fed the eagles   seagulls. There were people taking pictures too as soon as all the eagles--seagulls came out. I like to think we helped :D

We got into Colonial Williamsburg and walked through there for a few hours.

I finally got to see the parade come through!

I like seeing all the old houses and thinking that this used to be a person's home. They had their all sorts of memories there and we just traipse through.

After Colonial Williamsburg we went to Pirate's Cove for some mini-golf. It was a blast!

He is such a stud :)

I died after the game. Yeah, apparently I didn't do it right, but I don't care.

We went to a gorgeous park to eat our lunch. Peanut butter and jelly, animal crackers, string cheese, and pudding! Ian brought the pudding. He handed it to me and the lid came off really easily. At first I thought it had melted in the car, but then I remembered it was in the cooler. So I stick my spoon in it and hit something hard. I thought, "Ooh, maybe it started to freeze! Cool!" Haha, nope, it was my ring! It was wrapped in plastic wrap and so I started licking it off and I was laughing and smiling and saying "yay yay yay!" over and over. Ian had a big smile on his face. I couldn't get it out of the plastic so he helped me out while I lamented (silently in my head) not touching up my fingernail polish before we left the house. I thought I knew when it was coming. I would have had my nails done then :)

It's on my middle finger because it was too big. I printed a sizer off the internet. Don't do that. We'll get it resized in a month (for some reason it'll be free then, but $40 now?) and then I'll wear it where it belongs. 

I am SO excited to marry Ian. I can't even tell you. I never thought I'd be loved like this. I knew I deserved to be loved like this, but I thought it was a fantasy. I am so glad my friends and family have stopped me from settling for anyone else. We're getting married August 13th in the DC Temple and then the reception the next day back here in VA. Ahh I'm so excited! 

**For whoever doesn't know about when he proposed, keep reading. But there aren't pictures here**

Ian and I had been talking about marriage for a while. We knew we wanted to get married really quickly, but it took us a while to say it to each other. "A while" is a relative term since we have only been together since January 23rd or something like that. 

I knew he had been ring shopping and a couple weeks ago there was a fireside with Gladys Knight's choir. One of our friends asked if she could ride with us and Ian hadn't said yes. And he talked about us going out to eat after. I thought, " he's going to propose after the fireside!" Well the Monday before the fireside I came up with this conclusion. I told my friend who proceeded to send him a text saying, "She's onto you!" "Onto what? "The fact that you're going to propose Saturday." "I wasn't going to propose Saturday." "Well figure something out, because she's expecting you to."

He didn't want to disappoint me so he sent a text to my dad that night and they met up at 6 am Tuesday morning to have the chat haha! He had sent me a text saying he woke up early and would love to come over whenever. I kinda slept through that and woke up around 9 or 9:30. When I got up people were acting weird. I was getting messages from my step-mom and his mom being VERY interested in how I was doing that day. By the time he came over I was feeling very confused and I told him, "Ian it's the weirdest thing, like everyone knows something I don't!"

After my mom took my brother to his playgroup we sat on the couch and I said, "Oh, you said you worked on a poem, can I see it?" He had written me a poem for Valentines Day and I knew he was really good at poetry. He pulled it out and started shaking. I was still confused until he told me the title of the poem was "Yes". 

After many amazing stanzas of him asking questions like "Am I ready to be in love like this?" and ending each line with "Yes" I knew it was coming. The final stanza asked if I would marry him and I finished the poem by saying "Yes yes yes yes yes!" He handed me a ring (nope, he didn't even put it on me haha) and gave me a hug. I looked down and saw it was black! I was so confused but before I could say anything he said, "Don't worry, that's not the real ring." Then he handed me a pen so I could write "yes" into the poem itself. 

He had woken his sister up at like 5:30 and borrowed a ring so that he'd have something to give me when he proposed. He wasn't planning on asking until he had a ring. I would have gone crazy waiting til now! I needed to tell people! 

But he did great and I am seriously so lucky to be with him. And he's not even upset that I rushed him by a few weeks :)