Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday: my weekend

So I generally work 6 days a week, with Sunday off. Tuesday and Thursday I only work a couple hours in the afternoon, so they become my weekend days. Ian and I both had today off of work today so after he finished class we went to the temple.
I went in for my friends' wedding back in April and I had been there when I lived here last, but Ian and I have never gone through together here. It was wonderful.
After we finished we took a couple pictures because we haven't taken any for a while, but they are still on the camera.  We went to lunch and filled up on all you can eat pasta and salad and then hit the grocery store. I was painfully full (how come I never notice how bad it is until I start walking around?) but it kept it grocery buying to a minimum! We ended up saving almost 50% just with in-store savings and coupons. Go us!
We hung out around the house and all of a sudden it was 9! How does that happen? Where does the time go?  Back to two jobs tomorrow for both of us! Two more days of work and then the 4th of July! I think I want to make chocolate dipped strawberries...white chocolate and then dipped in blue sugar. Maybe with the daycare kids!! I usually only have a couple on Saturday afternoon. Hmmm, I liked that idea!

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