Sunday, January 29, 2012


I am now obsessed with the gym. It's been an amazing journey.

Since I've started college I've had a big gut. I was consistently asked when my baby was due and I'd laugh on the outside but obviously I wasn't too happy with it. My weight would go up and down, but I always stayed pretty consistent in my size. I was compact in my weight (the scale always showed a lot more than I looked). But after I got engaged I kept getting fluffier. Ian and I both lived and home so many of our dates involved eating out. My wedding dress fit perfectly when I got it but I had to do the slim-fast diet the week before the wedding to make sure it still fit when I came back from Florida. In October, I went to put on the dress I wore to the first valentines dance Ian and I attended. I also wore that dress home from the temple after we got sealed. It had been getting progressively tighter on me until in October I couldn't wear it. I cried and cried and cried. I threw it in the trash and put on some very stretchy skirt and top and cried at church. I realized then it was time to get my act together.

That Monday I started looking up gyms in town. Everything was really expensive and I knew I could go on campus for free, but I didn't want to go there. There are too many people there. And I don't tan so the unlimited tanning offers at World Gym was pointless, and anytime gym wouldn't return my phone call so poo-poo on them. But Curves, that seemed really good. And they offered me like a month free!

I went in on Wednesday and got the tour and did the weighing and measuring, but my anxiety got the best of me and my stomach was not up to a work out. Especially after the weigh-in. I went back on Friday and met my favorite woman ever: Cookie. "I'm the only cookie left in your life Beth." She has been my angel in more ways than one. She has never let me slack, she has pushed me further than I thought, and she is always congratulatory when I make even the slightest achievement.

After the first week I knew I was going to sign up for the year, but I didn't want to tell them because I was worried they'd end my free month early haha! I paid upfront for the entire year because I didn't want something like money to make me have to decide--gym this month or food? I knew we had it all right then, so why not get rid of the worry.

I need to get all my measurements written down but I've lost 14 pounds and tons of inches. I started in a 10/12, L or XL (dresses were even bigger than that) and I now comfortably wear 3/4 pants and medium tops. The girls aren't going anywhere so I can't go too small there haha. I tried on a dress at the Gap yesterday that was an 8 that almost fit (didn't quite zip at the top) but I'm not discouraged. Dresses are really hard to fit on me because I'm like an upside down pear, or triangle or whatever (my top is bigger than the bottom half, because my lady friends haha) so I have to get a bigger size. But it's still smaller than I have worn before. And it's all about fabric too. Some fabrics just aren't made for stretching to fit that last little zip. 

 Me at my biggest ;)
Just before we got married, you can't see how big (I manage to get rid of my big pictures) but let's just say I'm grateful that I'm leaning back some to flatten things out.

At Old Navy yesterday, size 5 skinny jeans (in my boots), a medium shirt and medium jean blazer. It's not the greatest picture, I'll do better later. 



It's hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I see someone doing something wrong. Not even dangerous wrong, just not the way I would do it. Sorry friends.

I'm reminded of how much I love my husband when he sits through endless girly television and gets the biggest smile on his face when I take him to man movies :)

I feel self-conscious when I go into a store first thing in the morning and all the employees kinda just stare. But I still prefer early morning shopping. 

I am mildly dishonest when I blame my phone for not sending a return text when really I just didn't want to talk to the person.

I can't imagine a world without my husband and my jobs. They make my world go round.

I'm surprised that I still cry every time I see men crying on tv. Like. A. Baby.

I get a little too easily wrapped up in making sure my house is exactly how I want it. Unfortunately not decorating yet, just cleanliness.  

I indulge in guilty pleasures like giant bags of twizzlers when I go to movies. 

I wish all things in life were as wonderful as waking up next to my best friend.


As I was writing these, I thought, I wonder how other people would end these sentences....

So I decided to make it into a little game! 
To play, just copy and paste the first, bolded part of each sentence and then add your own, personal ending. 

Play along, link up, and make sure to leave the link to your post in a comment so I can check out your "sometimes!"
**I stole this from here**