Friday, January 30, 2009

"Someone Like You,"

It's by the SafetySuits. I love the song so much. I'm glad the free download was the video and not just the song, it adds so much more! (Yes, writing this has made me want to listen to it again. So I am)

So, my goings on for the last few weeks have been pretty mundane. I've gone to school, gone to work, gotten sick, lost a few pounds (yay!), and have not spent near enough time with my friends. I need to do that though. Pronto.

Speaking of "pronto," I was enlightened this last week to the "restaurant" called Pronto Pups. What a strange idea, but at the same time, if it sells, why not? I like a good corn dog now and again. And I guess if enough people like that, and they're not all on the same now-and-again schedule, you could make a business of it. There are enough weird businesses out there, a corn dog stand isn't really that odd is it?

I wrote a terrible paper this week. Just thought I'd throw that in here now. It's about a mermaid poem by some lady name Menella Bute Smedley. What kind of name is that you ask? Freaking awesome. As is her work. It's not the typical highfalutin, uppity, pretentious stuff that normally comes from England in this time period.

I need to be writing right now. Or reading for class. It's the weekend for heaven's sake. I need to get it done so I can do something this weekend. Some friends are going to the brand new Red Robin tomorrow for lunch, and I want to go to Ihop too. But I'm pretty sure my stomach would be upset at both ideas.

I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff. There are drawers of things in my room that I'm not using. Maybe that'll be a project for next weekend. Ha, yeah right. But I can hope, right?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm going on vacation!!

I'm booking the flight today and I'm so excited! I've missed Cherie so much, it's basically going to rock being in California! Then we're driving back here and starting school again! Woohoo!!

This semester has been pretty good. Only 3 classes on campus and one online one that I'm enjoying so far (we've only had one assignment haha!) I don't really know anyone in my classes, but that'll come with time, right?

And yesterday was Derek's birthday. The girls in my house were like, "So, Derek huh? *wink wink*" I just laughed and said, "Oh heaven's no! Derek and I, we're like brothers. I mean, brother and sister. Cause I'm a girl." We all just died. It was so funny. Okay, I may be thinking it was funnier than it was, but I'm okay with that!

But look at this awesome cake I made for the drummer-brother of mine :)

He and his very cute girlfriend Kendra. She's fun, I like her.

He's so excited to eat cake!

Get it? It's a drum, and you beat a drum? So I said he beat 21...cause he's 22 now. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anodyne Red

My friend Derek is part of a band called Anodyne Red, and I went to a live show last night at a coffeehouse in Idaho Falls. It was so good.

The only problem was it was kinda hard to hear the words sometimes. It was partially the sound and partially because I went diving yesterday and I went really deep in one of my jumps. I came up and I thought I was going to lose hearing in my right ear completely! It felt like there was a knife in my ear and it was giving me a headache it hurt so bad. But it was such a good dive haha! And, ps, I love the Hart swimsuits. I may need to get myself one of those ASAP haha!

So yeah, I'm back in my apartment. I've got my room cleaned up better then it was last night when I got home....

....but it's still not quite how I'd like it. But stuff is getting put, and thrown, away. And I found my blanket!! I had it packed in a box, but I have it again. Yay!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do

I'm inexplicably happy right now! Okay, that's a lie, it's explainable. But It goes beyond the "obvious" things that are going on in my life.

I've had a wonderful 3 weeks staying at my friend's house. He and his wife have welcomed me with open arms into their home. I love getting a hot dinner when I get home from work, I love family scripture study before the kids go to bed, I love the kids, I love staying up late just that once to play video games. I love that they surprised me with a couple gifts on Christmas. I love that "Grandma" got me a bag of stuff too for Christmas. I've gone snowmobiling too. That was AWESOME!! I'm really quite blessed to be able to call this place home for a couple more days.

I met a really great guy. We've gone out a couple times already, have a date for Saturday, and we've talked every day except Monday (I called him, but left him a message) for at least 45 minutes. Well, this phone call was a little longer....8 hours and 21 minutes!! I know, right?! But it was amazing. I loved every second of it. This is why this blog is coming in so late.

Okay, so I have my date Saturday to see Derek's band in concert. I'm totally stoked for that. I also had it up to here with my old favorite jeans. They've just pushed my buttons too long, so I thought to myself, "Perhaps, since I've been doing so well saving lately, I will go get a new pair of jeans. And some camis because you can never get enough of those!"

I did that....and more. I did so good! Grand total at the bottom!!

It doesn't look it, but that's a rich darkish purple. SO soft!!


My 4 (typically $10 each) Camis, that I got for...$10 :)

The purple sweater outfit...

My gorgeous (typically $150 peacoat) that I got for....$40!!

Shoes! They match the purple sweater with the skirt PERFECTLY!!

This is a super cute black dress, but it is just a little too short, but since it has the tight bottom "cuff" I can pull it up and make it into a cute long top.

I couldn't get the lighting to work, but this is actually a teal skirt. So cute and soft! And it swirls when I spin!

Isn't this coat DARLING?!

Here's the black skirt outfit. Church on Sunday I think :)

I love this shirt, with the black skirt or these jeans. It's just so cute!

Here's my black shirt with jeans, my date outfit, I think with the heels because I only have brown shoes with me right now. Later I'll wear it with flats probably.

I got 2 more things I did not picture, so that's 14 items. I put a couple of the super remarkable prices in already. But wanna know the grand total?!

$114 and change!

Wooohooo!! Who is amazing? I AM!!

I'm sorry I haven't blogged lately. I will try harder. I promise!