Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Evening

My roommate, old roommate, and fishing buddy (even though we haven't gone yet) went to Mesa Falls tonight. We got super scared after Hans hid in the darkness and even more scared when the light at the creepy cabin came on, when it didn't look like anyone was there. So we belted some Hymns and ran for the car. But there were some cute pictures....and some delicious brownies. I'm sorry Ainsley. I really need you around when I think about eating.

I'm driving believe it or not.

Cherie tried jumping in front of Hans

Being Mary and Joseph

Diana just screamed in my ear. SO SCARY!

Backseat mischief

We ate those on the way--the rest on the way home.

Hans had long enough arms to get us all in the picture after I failed :(

Yay! Me and Diana!

Cherie and half my face!

I had a video that taken as my FHE brothers just threw some stuff together on this cool drum thing and a guitar. Then after the song, I played the drums--I was kinda awesome, not gonna lie ;) But the video quality stinks on my phone. Maybe after Christmas things will get better hahaha

Sunday, September 21, 2008

8 Things

I was finally tagged in something! How exciting for me!

8 TV shows I love to watch
Arrested Development
So You Think You Can Dance
Burn Notice
Doogie Howser, MD
The Mary Tyler Moore Show

8 Favorite restaurants
Johnny Carino's
5 and Diner
Steak and Shake
Joe's Pizza
Uptown Bagelry

8 Things that happened yesterday
Watched Roman Holiday
Talked to my buddy and listened to his engagement story, which rocks!
Talked to my grandma
Ate my weight in spaghetti :)
Purposefully almost ran over my friends fiancee---but it got really close when he pushed her into my way even more!
Got my eyebrows tamed, owwie!

8 Things I am looking forward to
My birthday :D
Seeing my family
Getting back into running
All my friends getting married and being so extra happy
Playing Play-doh with my kids someday :)
Making Monkey Bread on Easter
My next trip to Bozeman, MT.

8 Things on my wish list
Owning a beautiful piece of art
Walking down a adorable Main Street around Christmas when it's snowing and it reflecting off the holiday lights
Learning to fly
Being debt-free (college loans stink!)
Flying in a hot-air balloon
Make someone shoot milk out when I make them laugh
Actually finish a puzzle myself
Write a book

8 People I'm tagging...
Ainsley (just kidding), Susan, Rachel, Melissa, Diana, Hannah, Talia, Stacey, and Meghan


Very little reading required....

Hannah loves me so much

Dwight is happy to be there with me, Tyler is freaking out!

Jon is more fierce, but I'm so cute and cuddly!!

I love the song "Creep" and this stranger boy played it for me on the guitar!

Don't know him, but he wanted to hug me, and "for balance requirements" (haha, wink wink) I wrapped myself around him.

I was pooped ;)

Is it still called a piggy back ride if it's on a lion?

Oooh! So excited!

Rawr baby!

Some more strangers, and I really scared her, just walking in and sitting next to her. It was worth it completely!

I look good in that apron! Thanks to my new friend Reagan.

How jealous are you of me right now??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I bought a typewriter!

Yeah, I did, it's true. And AWESOME!!

I am going to blog tomorrow when I get the pictures in. But that's so you know that I am not a hypocrite, asking people to write new entries and then i don't do it myself! That would be terrible.

Oh man, you are just gonna bust a gut laughing about this stuff I did tonight. Ahhh, awesome, awesome, awesome! 

Til later!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My song!

This is pretty freaking sweet!!! This is the song that was number one on my birthday!

So, go find yours! And post it as your own entry! And let me know that you did it too so I don't have to blog-stalk you!

Thank you sis!

Friday, September 5, 2008


I go to therapy. Every Friday morning. It's been for a long time actually. Like a year or so. I can't even believe that I didn't do this before. I have had a few; these last two have been my favorite. And this one is FREE! But he's super talented, I'd want to pay for it if I could.

It's funny, he gives me these assignments, sometimes not explicitly, but I know that whatever we talk about one week, I should try and implement the next week. I love having a goal like that. And when I do really well I think, "I can't wait to talk about this Friday!" And when I do he gets so happy that I know that he really does care and wants me to succeed. This next week's experiment is so cool, I'm really excited for it. I can't write down what it is, in hopes of keeping the integrity of it intact, but next week I can say something :)

I am so sleepy! I started writing this at 11:45 this morning, but then I went out and stacked my old roommate's furniture in front of her door, and then went to work. After work I've just been running around all night. Saw some friends, played a little shoe-soccer (found an old shoe on the tennis courts and kicked it around---lots of fun and stubbed toes!), and got myself good and tired to sleep in tomorrow!! And then I'm getting sushi for dinner (paid for by a friend) and watching Jeff Dunham and Brian Regan on Comedy Central. Yay!!! And hopefully some college football too in there.