Friday, September 5, 2008


I go to therapy. Every Friday morning. It's been for a long time actually. Like a year or so. I can't even believe that I didn't do this before. I have had a few; these last two have been my favorite. And this one is FREE! But he's super talented, I'd want to pay for it if I could.

It's funny, he gives me these assignments, sometimes not explicitly, but I know that whatever we talk about one week, I should try and implement the next week. I love having a goal like that. And when I do really well I think, "I can't wait to talk about this Friday!" And when I do he gets so happy that I know that he really does care and wants me to succeed. This next week's experiment is so cool, I'm really excited for it. I can't write down what it is, in hopes of keeping the integrity of it intact, but next week I can say something :)

I am so sleepy! I started writing this at 11:45 this morning, but then I went out and stacked my old roommate's furniture in front of her door, and then went to work. After work I've just been running around all night. Saw some friends, played a little shoe-soccer (found an old shoe on the tennis courts and kicked it around---lots of fun and stubbed toes!), and got myself good and tired to sleep in tomorrow!! And then I'm getting sushi for dinner (paid for by a friend) and watching Jeff Dunham and Brian Regan on Comedy Central. Yay!!! And hopefully some college football too in there.

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