Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Evening

My roommate, old roommate, and fishing buddy (even though we haven't gone yet) went to Mesa Falls tonight. We got super scared after Hans hid in the darkness and even more scared when the light at the creepy cabin came on, when it didn't look like anyone was there. So we belted some Hymns and ran for the car. But there were some cute pictures....and some delicious brownies. I'm sorry Ainsley. I really need you around when I think about eating.

I'm driving believe it or not.

Cherie tried jumping in front of Hans

Being Mary and Joseph

Diana just screamed in my ear. SO SCARY!

Backseat mischief

We ate those on the way--the rest on the way home.

Hans had long enough arms to get us all in the picture after I failed :(

Yay! Me and Diana!

Cherie and half my face!

I had a video that taken as my FHE brothers just threw some stuff together on this cool drum thing and a guitar. Then after the song, I played the drums--I was kinda awesome, not gonna lie ;) But the video quality stinks on my phone. Maybe after Christmas things will get better hahaha

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  1. Your pictures are so animated :D For some reason i cant post my pictures, when i go to post them it starts and then it tells me that i "the page cannot be displayed." I hate it. Anyhow, you have to keep in touch. Take care XO, Daniela