Monday, October 6, 2008

Sand Dunes!

Okay this was all a few days ago, but still a good time. We took more pictures, but I really need to get my own camera so I don't need to rely on others to post pictures so I can steal them.

I got this great idea to get a puzzle to keep me from going crazy this semester. Yeah, stupid me bought a 1000 piece one. I did the smallest amount, my roommates and friends did it all. But I put the last piece in :)

Freezing at the dunes

Aww, aren't they cute haha ;)

Haha, Cherie totally tackled him, and then I just kinda jumped in afterward.

Look at the awesome sand storm we were in! Awesome except when it was getting in our eyes, mouths, salsa, chips, soda....yeah....


  1. ;bohhhhh, which delicious boy is that? rolling around in looks just like this abercrombie poster i have hanging over my bed.

  2. i dont know how the first word magically turned into ";bohhhhh". sorry it was supposed to say 'ohhhhh'. ;b but that does kinda of looks like a face with a wink and a tounge hanging out, so it works.