Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Guess who's back, back again...


So I didn't get much of any pictures this week--no camera--but we took a few the day I left. I will try and get those from my parent's computer as soon as possible.

I stayed awake the entire time last night on the shuttle. I was talking to the driver, a student up here that drives the shuttle on his off track, and we started listening to a book on cd he has. It was really good. We would have discussions every once in a while about what they had just said (it was a self help esque book) and sometimes that would lead to stories about us and growing up and we'd talk about that for a while. But since I didn't sleep I got like 2 hours of sleep after getting home til now when I need to go get dressed and get to work.

And my car isn't working so I gotta walk. And it snowed yesterday and was a little slick. Boo :(

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