Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My song!

This is pretty freaking sweet!!! This is the song that was number one on my birthday!

So, go find yours! And post it as your own entry! And let me know that you did it too so I don't have to blog-stalk you!

Thank you sis!


  1. Gah!! Lame!! Mine is a freaking George Michael/Aretha Franklin song!! My life sucks...

  2. i love it- we spent half the night on this site. mine was 'addicted to love'. wow, all the pieces of my life have fallen into place.

  3. "They'll be sad songs (to make you cry)" LAME! And I am glad you have a blog, it gives me more reason to stalk you!

  4. Incase you were wondering, my hubby's is "On My Own", which he most certainly is not!!