Sunday, September 21, 2008

Very little reading required....

Hannah loves me so much

Dwight is happy to be there with me, Tyler is freaking out!

Jon is more fierce, but I'm so cute and cuddly!!

I love the song "Creep" and this stranger boy played it for me on the guitar!

Don't know him, but he wanted to hug me, and "for balance requirements" (haha, wink wink) I wrapped myself around him.

I was pooped ;)

Is it still called a piggy back ride if it's on a lion?

Oooh! So excited!

Rawr baby!

Some more strangers, and I really scared her, just walking in and sitting next to her. It was worth it completely!

I look good in that apron! Thanks to my new friend Reagan.

How jealous are you of me right now??


  1. 'Rawr baby' haha. this is just how i pictured your lion adventures going. you are crazy.

  2. Do I dare ask why you have a lion suit, or why you did that... although, I do miss my days as a costumed character!

  3. Are you a furry? ;) Where'd you get the suit?