Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Location: Virginia

Hi loyal readers :)

I left Rexburg at 3 in the morning and headed out to Virginia. The flights were super bumpy and made me motion sick. So I got some delicious peppermint tea in Detroit. But before I got the tea I had to walk through this tunnel:

It kept changing colors and had music that matched what was going on. It was awesome. Very soothing. You know those glade light show air fresheners? It was like walking through one.

So then as I got on the plane I looked over and saw the coolest sign:

The sign said something like, "Challenge any person not displaying an airport ID" and has two guys posed to fight! Detroit has, by far, the coolest airport ever!

And then I saw my baby...he's so cute! Look how big he is!


  1. Oh my! He is so big! I love the tunnel, very cool!

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  3. Sorry, I wrote febreeze in the above comment, and decided I needed a re-do.
    I wanna walk through a Glade light show!
    Sidenote: I was supposed to go through the Detroit airport on my way home, but decided I would be terrified so now I'm going through Chicago, because it's safe, or at least comfy for me. :)
    Also, I believe the light tunnel is to really trip out ANYONE that goes through that airport high somehow.
    The End.

  4. what a cute little baby...makes it worth the trip....enjoy vacay because onces you get back there will be lots of poop and throw up waiting for you to clean up!