Thursday, October 30, 2008

Healthy Choices, even on vacation!

I figured I would be stuffing myself left and right this week with all this home cooking. Well, not so. I got sick (Whoop, big surprise)

Tuesday: Airport food is expensive so I got some french toast sticks and hashbrowns at the airport. I slept through the food service on the flights too. Shoot, I slept through take off and landing too! I love flying....
When I got to the house I had some roasted chicken, baked potato, and a slice of potato bread. Mmm...

Wednesday: A bowl of Magic Stars (lucky charms) for breakfast. A peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch when I thought I was hungry, but really it was my stomach cramping from sickness. So then, when I ate the cookie at the grocery store from the lady that thought my beast of a foster brother was old enough for a free one, I knew I was going to die. So I slept the rest of the day (between bawling and dying of course). That was at 3.

Thursday: I woke up late and tried a bagel. Meeh.... Had a pancake at 7. Plain. Ick. Then a banana because my legs were all crampy. Yeah....I don't think I'll be hitting the candy bowls much tomorrow! Yay!!!

I miss coming in and telling you all my healthy choices Ainsley! I hope I can start enjoying this vacation a bit more!


  1. I hope you get to feeling better to! But potato bread is probably the best thing since... well, sliced bread? :)

  2. haha, good for healthy choices...those are hard on vacation. i took this week off from healthy choices...come on, it was halloween!!!