Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just a couple thoughts

So almost every night this week of vacation I've gone to bed earlier than my parents. Only once I stayed up later, but I had slept most of the day so it doesn't count. I'd blame jetlag, but I've gained hours. So really I'm going to bed 2 hours earlier than I would at home. Weird.

I hope my little brother always asks for (phonetically spelling of course) "chalk-a-wit milk" instead of chocolate milk. I thought about it today and realized I'd actually be sad when I heard him say it right.

In my opinion, even if things are bothering you or not working out (say, when you're trying to get repairs done) you should always smile and be polite. It's sad how many people don't. It's funny how confused they look when the person who smiles gets bumped to the head of the line and gets repairs done in not 3 days, not overnight, not even 8 hours, but one. One hour because of a smile. Or maybe I'm just a freaking hottie mc hot pants :)

I had some other thoughts, but this isn't really the place for them. Mmmmm, okay, goodnight!

PS: I just remembered it's time to Fall Back on the clocks. Which means not only am I going to bed earlier than everyone else, but I'll also get another hour of sleep. I'm a freaking old lady--but I have refused to use a pill sorter. So I'm not that old!

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