Monday, June 13, 2011

Spill Paint and other news

Ian and I have been so busy with school and work and more work! He's doing a great job in school, I'm pretty sure he even has all A's!! This is a little project he did for his art class. 

Here is the MOST adorable baby I've ever watched. He laughs like this all the time, but this time his brother was making him laugh and so I could get the camera out. Love them! 

Hahaha, so my birthday is coming up and I would LOVE a pinata, but then I saw this picture and I feel so sad! I don't know if I can ever have one!

We got a Wii a couple weeks ago and we've been playing (Ian more than me, but I am definitely enjoying it!) It's just been fun to have something else to do while we're at home. It's an investment because we don't really go out that much here, yay Rexburg, but when we want something to do we can just go in the second bedroom and play video games! And 007 has been good for getting frustration out haha...that and Wii Resort basketball...I get very mad when I don't make my shot haha!

Today is our 10 month anniversary. I can't describe how happy I am :) You know the best part? I know we're gonna get to 10 years and that's even cooler!! Haha! I think the best advice I've gotten for marriage is from my friend Ainsley: "Don't say anything that will hurt the other person's feelings." I can't say we've been perfect at that, but it's such perfect advice. So here's to an infinite more 10 month anniversaries, always getting better!!

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  1. oh i am so wise :). haha.
    i was hoping the 'other news' would be a baby on the way.... but too soon, its only been 10 months.