Monday, June 27, 2011

It's not easy being green

I have extreme, turn-me-green jealousy of other peoples' blogs, and in turn, lives. It's not on purpose, I just see all the great pictures they take and the stories they tell and wonder where I am lacking.

Then I remember that I get up, eat some breakfast and go to work, texting a "hello" and "good morning" to my husband at some point. Then I leave one job and go to my other job. My husband and I do our best to text or call throughout the day, but it's rarely a convenient time for both of us (or I at least feel like it's not...he's a better multitasker than I am). He just started another job, so today I saw him all of an hour.

I'm not used to that! And I do know there are people out there, maybe that even read my blog, that do not get to see or talk to their spouse for weeks or months at a time, but my husband and I are not you. We are not separated by the military or any other reason, and we don't plan on ever going through that. I applaud marriages that stand the test of time and distance. I realize it takes a certain person to go through that. I would not be that person by choice.

But it's not a choice for us right now so I have to buck up and enjoy my hour. We need to work hard before we have kids, I have to work hard so he can do well in school. If I could find enough work so Ian didn't have to do school and work I would do that.

Hmmm, I think I've lost track of this post. Maybe not though...if we weren't so busy with all this boring stuff I'd like to think I would have something more interesting for you to read. Stick with me (I wasn't sure which bare or bear it was, ask I went for stick), I'll come up with something!


  1. Just remember that this blog is not to interest is to document the moments you talked about in this post. You will be able to read it years down the road and think, Heyyy I remember when we only got to see each other for one hour a day, it seems like just yesterday. :)

  2. Aww thanks Cami (I assume haha). You are right :D

  3. For the record, I think you are insanely interesting. :)