Saturday, December 18, 2010


So I finished school on Thursday! I'm super proud of myself. Yes, college took 6.5 years, but I made some amazing friends, learned a ton of stuff, and I'm done now, so what does it matter, right?!!

Here are a few pictures from when I was in school. They're not in chronological order because I can't think right now.

When does post-final brain drain repair itself??


  1. oh that lion costume! haha... you're my favorite. did you finish online through BYUI or another school?

  2. BYUI. It was hard but soooo worth it now :D

  3. haha! You're so cute and I love you! If I move to Idaho... we will so do stuff together! ;-)

  4. that lion costume still gives me nightmares! remember when you scared me really bad? haha. those were the days.