Monday, December 13, 2010

Walking in a winter wonderland

Tonight I was having a hard time focusing on homework so I decided to take a walk through town. I did it the other night too, but it was raining and only like 3 people in town had Christmas lights so it was uber-depressing...until I heard carolers. But it helped me focus on my homework!!

Tonight was gorgeous. The snow was resting perfectly on every surface, almost like no one went outside all day. I don't think anyone did because everyone is chickens when it comes to snow, but it was cool to see snow that hadn't been touched. Everything was perfect. I had great music on my iPod, and I thought about my assignments and organized in my mind how little I really have left. I just gotta do it!

Here are the pictures from my walk. Remember, Santa might be bringing me a camera so I am still taking pictures on my phone. No judgements :P

See, the snow just sat perfectly on the bush...okay you can't see what I saw, but it was pretty :)

This is Ben Franklin and he's sitting very lonely with no one beside him...

Here's a lovely couple that at least had each other :)

Here's William Rand Tavern, and Paula Dean has been here!

So the perspective is off, but this is a bench with three little butt prints on it. So much for untouched snow!!

This was supposed to be a nice shot down the street, but I do love that the sidewalks are brick. I do love this town!


  1. So beautiful Beth! I though snow was horrible, because my only experience was Rexburg-Hellish snow, lol. This looks like what a Winter Wonderland should be. It's absolutely beautiful. Benjamin needs a lady in his lap, though :D

  2. Wow! That is lovely :) if only I could get that on December 22nd!!!