Monday, December 13, 2010

First snow fall

This morning we were greeted by snow on the ground. It's super wet snow that is perfect for snowballs!

Brenna and I were against Ian and we won. He ended up coming out with a shield (I'd describe it but he might be embarrassed hehe) but I am sure that even without the shield we would have won.

It's also our 4 month anniversary, which is cool. Like super freaking cool!! I was going to make Ian breakfast in bed but the snowball fight got in the way of that, so I made yummy homemade cinnamon rolls for lunch!!! They were SO good!

Last night we decorated gingerbread houses!!

This is Brenna's.

Me and my house

Ian's House

Popsicle's House (that's my father-in-law)

It was so much fun decorating these! Ian's mom made peanut butter cookies while we were decorating and she put Hershey's Kisses on them! Yummy melty goodness!

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