Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Christmas Cards?!?!

I want to do *this*, but I don't know that I'll get them in time...but would people hate me if I got them out late? And do people want/like Christmas cards from newlyweds with no kids? I mean, you just got my wedding invitations a few months ago haha! I promise I'll use a "real" picture though hehe!

Even if I don't do it, maybe someone else can use them? All you have to do is post a blog about it and you'll get them. 50 free 5x7 holiday cards. Pretty awesome!

These are my favorite:

Ok, I'll admit, I'd like to use these with my wedding thank you notes....but is that so bad?? I mean, it's a GOOD idea! And that way if they're after Christmas it's not a huge deal because they're also thank you with a dash of Christmas...oh I don't know what to do?! Help!


  1. Oh, just do it! It's a good idea and cheap, too :)!

  2. I missed the deadline because I was on a date with Ian...but the date was totally worth it :D