Friday, February 6, 2009

The results are in...

...I'm pregnant! Haha, just kidding.

No, I have a mild case of gastroparesis (if this is mild, I would not wish this or the full blown on anyone! Even the worst person on the planet!!) Basically my stomach takes too long to digest the food that I give it, so I must take a pill before each meal and keep them small and relatively simple.

The test was terrible. I don't like eggs, and I got a plate, actually a styrofoam cup, full of scrambled eggs that I am sure he cooked in more butter than I've ever used. But that might be because I'm used to like 1 or 2 bites of pudding..mmm pudding....for a meal. then I had to eat a whole piece of bread too. Good grief I thought I would die. But I survived the test and got the results today.

I need some good news things in here...I've lost 10 pounds...I've found a book I really like (My Antonia, by Willa Cather)...I get to see a friend this weekend (I hope I don't get worse tomorrow!!)...We've finished our first round of papers and feedback in my class...Okay that's all I've got for now :)


  1. did he make the bread for you to toasty??? i am the only one that should be allowed to cook for you. good luck, i'll keep you in my prayers.

  2. It was not toasty at all. And yes, you should be my personal chef. So, I'll be there soon and you can cook for me and we'll lounge by the pool eating your creations.

  3. Poor Beth! But at least you know what is wrong! Knowing is half the battle! Were they real eggs or those nasty fake ones that you add water too? Hopefully you get feeling better! Oh, and good job on the weight loss, I am working on 10 pounds myself so far, not so good!

  4. I think they were real, they certainly tasted like real eggs. I start the new medicine today, well, if I can think of something to eat I will. I hope that things will go well! I want a steak like you wouldn't believe. A burger! Ooh, that new burger place! And, Melissa, we have some serious eating out to do!

  5. well i'm glad that they've finally figured it out! I hope that the medicine works! congrats on the 10 lbs! that's what I need to do !