Friday, January 30, 2009

"Someone Like You,"

It's by the SafetySuits. I love the song so much. I'm glad the free download was the video and not just the song, it adds so much more! (Yes, writing this has made me want to listen to it again. So I am)

So, my goings on for the last few weeks have been pretty mundane. I've gone to school, gone to work, gotten sick, lost a few pounds (yay!), and have not spent near enough time with my friends. I need to do that though. Pronto.

Speaking of "pronto," I was enlightened this last week to the "restaurant" called Pronto Pups. What a strange idea, but at the same time, if it sells, why not? I like a good corn dog now and again. And I guess if enough people like that, and they're not all on the same now-and-again schedule, you could make a business of it. There are enough weird businesses out there, a corn dog stand isn't really that odd is it?

I wrote a terrible paper this week. Just thought I'd throw that in here now. It's about a mermaid poem by some lady name Menella Bute Smedley. What kind of name is that you ask? Freaking awesome. As is her work. It's not the typical highfalutin, uppity, pretentious stuff that normally comes from England in this time period.

I need to be writing right now. Or reading for class. It's the weekend for heaven's sake. I need to get it done so I can do something this weekend. Some friends are going to the brand new Red Robin tomorrow for lunch, and I want to go to Ihop too. But I'm pretty sure my stomach would be upset at both ideas.

I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff. There are drawers of things in my room that I'm not using. Maybe that'll be a project for next weekend. Ha, yeah right. But I can hope, right?


  1. LOVE that song. I even had to turn off the tv (heaven forbid)to focus on that video, that guy is hot.

    red robin? everything good happens once i leave. yum.

  2. I was just saying to myself, man, I wish Beth would let me read about her life. 'Cause it's not like we hang out, or have each others phone numbers. So thank you, Beth,for letting me read about your life.
    -Pronto Pups-

  3. you make me laugh and remind me what it was like to be back "in school"... i should be working on THAT paper too... oh well. i'm going to watch ghosttown. i love greg kinnear.

  4. I sooo stoked there's a red robin there! YUM