Monday, February 9, 2009

Just because

I don't want to do my homework!

I am on a ward bowling team. I pretty much stink at bowling, but I have such a good time. There's that undying optimism for ya!

I got no action shots this game....but here's how I bowl haha:

If I can't stick that, there's no chance for me. Unfortunately, I didn't stick it much last week. I bowled a 60. (PS, that was not last place!)

I was looking through pictures the other day, and just died when I saw this one...well, many pictures, but I can't believe how...young?...awful?...weird? I was in high school! And look how long my was! Ah!

And this one is just funny because it is!

PS, that "terrible" paper i wrote on "The Mermaid" was accepted (several drafts later) for publication in the class literary journal. Yeah I still rock!


  1. What the Beth.
    that does NOT look like you!!

  2. I know right!!! And I wondered why I had no friends in high school hahaha

  3. i love seeing pictures of little beth. I think you are so cute!

    Guess what? just got some news i'm coming to Rexburg....grrrrr...i'm not excited. Really I thought I would never have to go back to that town...

  4. The pictures with the crayons IS SOOOOO ADORABLE!