Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have an addiction...

A really good "before" shot from last night after my date.

Haha, I have no idea what that thing on the side of my head is...but oh well.

My finished look, but it's really dark's more like:

Yea, so pretty!!

I love getting my hair done. So much!!!

And I bought myself flowers on Thursday, cause I'm cool like that.


  1. love the hair! i absolutely feel so great after having my hair styled, colored, whatever. i feel so girly!
    how are you feeling?

  2. During the color I had 2 girls working on me, and then for the blow dry too. It made me feel even more pampered.

    I'm feeling a lot better. I totally downed a Sonic burger tonight. I was super full after it, but I loved every second of it!

  3. You look so pretty- I like your hair a lot. And about the flowers I think that it's awesome. I am going to copy you and buy me some tomorrow :)

  4. You look gorgeous! and i love those flowers!