Sunday, January 4, 2009

Anodyne Red

My friend Derek is part of a band called Anodyne Red, and I went to a live show last night at a coffeehouse in Idaho Falls. It was so good.

The only problem was it was kinda hard to hear the words sometimes. It was partially the sound and partially because I went diving yesterday and I went really deep in one of my jumps. I came up and I thought I was going to lose hearing in my right ear completely! It felt like there was a knife in my ear and it was giving me a headache it hurt so bad. But it was such a good dive haha! And, ps, I love the Hart swimsuits. I may need to get myself one of those ASAP haha!

So yeah, I'm back in my apartment. I've got my room cleaned up better then it was last night when I got home....

....but it's still not quite how I'd like it. But stuff is getting put, and thrown, away. And I found my blanket!! I had it packed in a box, but I have it again. Yay!!!

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  1. i really like that you have a camera now. the Utes won--your job is to tell mark "hahaha you owe me (ainsley) more candy!"