Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm going on vacation!!

I'm booking the flight today and I'm so excited! I've missed Cherie so much, it's basically going to rock being in California! Then we're driving back here and starting school again! Woohoo!!

This semester has been pretty good. Only 3 classes on campus and one online one that I'm enjoying so far (we've only had one assignment haha!) I don't really know anyone in my classes, but that'll come with time, right?

And yesterday was Derek's birthday. The girls in my house were like, "So, Derek huh? *wink wink*" I just laughed and said, "Oh heaven's no! Derek and I, we're like brothers. I mean, brother and sister. Cause I'm a girl." We all just died. It was so funny. Okay, I may be thinking it was funnier than it was, but I'm okay with that!

But look at this awesome cake I made for the drummer-brother of mine :)

He and his very cute girlfriend Kendra. She's fun, I like her.

He's so excited to eat cake!

Get it? It's a drum, and you beat a drum? So I said he beat 21...cause he's 22 now. :)


  1. yay for vacation! let me know when you are coming and maybe/hopefully we can hang out. boo-yeah!

  2. oh beth.... i'm seriously in love with your cake and your sweet skills. Don't ask me how I found your blog... because I'm not really sure, pretty much I'm an amazing stalker.