Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

So this morning I went into the doctor with Kevin and got all hooked up to this real sexy getup so they could monitor the camera that's bouncing along inside of me. 

This is the HUGE pill they gave me. It was about the size of my thumb from tip to first knuckle. But it went down smooooth after I smiled, blew it a kiss and waved. I figure the technician that was going to have to watch this epic 8 hour movie of my insides should at least start out with something interesting!

So yeah, that's been my day. I finished another book. I only have one left from the library--I checked out 5 on Monday. Yeah, I'm pretty dang amazing haha!

Update: I got the computer off of me, and I go back on the 17th for results. Unless there is a cancelation, which I pray there is. I just want to know!

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