Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ah, the power of cheese...

Haha, remember those commercials? Well, it's true. I had a rough day Monday with that rent stuff, so I said to myself, "Go eat that mac & cheese you've been craving for three weeks, what does it matter? Your day can't get worse!" 

So I ate it and felt FABULOUS! It was so good. And then I had a brownie....holy guacamole! So good too! I went to FHE and played Guitar Hero which was surprisingly fun. And, I was the last one to leave. I'm usually the first. 

I've felt great all week! Yesterday and today I've walked to work and around town. I have so much energy! I still can't do a lot of sugar in my diet, but that's good anyway. I tried a Jamba this morning and I'm glad I shared it with Stacey. It was huge! 

So, mac and cheese has healing powers. I've been feeling good for almost a week now. I'm so happy right now! 

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  1. Yeah! I'm happy you can eat again. And I'm happy you shared your jamba. Yum :) It made my tummy smile