Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best zucchini EVER

Oh my gosh, I'm still smiling from this stuff and I ate it over 30 minutes ago!

I bought a yellow zucchini at the farmers market last week and I finally got around to cooking it today. I've only ever made it sautéed, which is cool, but it just doesn't have a big umph to it.

So I umphed it.

I took the zucchini and peeled it. I am not sure if you're supposed to peel them, but it worked well for this. After peeling off the top layer and throwing it away, I continued to peel. I peeled and peeled and peeled. It looked like fettuccine! I stopped at the seed layer. I am sure (now) it would work to go all the way through, but it was a big zucchini so stopping at the seed layer was plenty for the two of us. I sauteed them with olive oil and butter (I'm not sure why but it's just better that way). I put on a few healthy shakes of italian seasoning.

After they sauteed down for a bit I added a magical can of Rotel tomatoes. Oh. My. Goodness. I let it all cook together and then I dug in.

Oh, and I topped it with shaky mean...parmesan cheese. I know it's wrong, but I don't like "real" parmesan. I like the stuff that comes in the plastic bottle with the green lid that you toss on spaghetti. mmmm... so good!

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