Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anniversary and Willy Wonka

So hello there friends :)

I went back to work on Monday and holy busy!! I am going to enjoy my weekends (which I have so far) because work is KILLA! But I'm so lucky to have a job and especially to be given a job back after I walked away. I discussed what I was having a hard time with and things have been or will be fixed (of what we can do). I feel so much better now. And, shame me if I must, but I'm happy there are like 3 people newer than me there...I like not being the new person!

Our anniversary was last Saturday. I can't believe it's been a year!! We did NOTHING haha. Well, I made homemade cinnamon rolls in the morning, then we rented a bunch of movies (Eat, Pray, Love; How to Eat Fried Worms; Mars Needs Moms; and Rango), and Ian set up tv in our room so we could just lay around all day. We had nachos for lunch with this AMAZING white cheese sauce and then we went out to dinner. There was lots of pepsi and root beer drank that day. It was perfect haha!

On Sunday Ian made beef wellington (with a few tweaks) and mint risotto. He is incredible! He really should cook more often because he's super good at it :) And of course some sparkly for celebration!!

Then yesterday I decided to go get a hair cut. Ugh Ugh Ugh! On the left is what it was supposed to look like, on the right is what she did! I was SO mad! I showed her the picture, showed her on me where I wanted it to hit, and she still cut it like a bowl all around my head. And I said to be sure there is no step in the back with the layers....guess what....THERE IS! It's not even like it's a random photo that she could have messed up...IT'S ME! ugh. And we're taking staff pictures next month. I am so mad. 

I don't even know what to do to fix it. Any suggestions?? Should I cut it shorter so it looks like it's supposed to be short and not a bowl or how can I style this so I don't look like friggin Willy Wonka?! 

Should I just get myself a top hat??


  1. Love that you guys relaxed for your anniversary! As far as the haircut, I think it is cute! To make it more like the pic on the left though, they might be able to add some more layers to the top so it tapers down instead of all ending at the same place.

  2. I agree. Make it more A-line. Or you could wait for it to grow out, and it'll look how you wanted it. Where'd you get it cut (so I know not to go there)?
    By the way, this is Chloe. It won't let me post any other way.