Friday, August 31, 2012

social media

So a few weeks ago I realized just how much time I spend on Facebook. Almost every free second I had I'd check my news feed. I'd feel almost frustrated when people weren't posting. There were times I'd get off Facebook on the computer and immediately, without thinking, I'd open it on my phone. I knew it was a problem, and annoying for Ian, but I'd try just deleting the icon on my phone to add an extra step, but that lasted all of a few days. 

(This is feeling very dramatic, sorry haha)

I decided the only real way to stay off Facebook was to delete it. So one morning I clicked "deactivate" and went on my jolly way. It wasn't too bad, mostly because work was busy. Then on vacation I was okay, but kinda felt like I was really leaving my friends out. I actually was doing something interesting and no one was there to know! Sure, I use Google+ but I think I have 2 friends (not including Ian haha) that use it! So happy day for them!

I've thought about all my friends that don't use Facebook. They have hobbies. Or kids. Or both. I don't. I work. I'm at a great place in life that I can be a workaholic. We don't have kids, we both have great jobs, and we both have our own ways to get to work without relaying each other. Both of us are workaholics! But I don't have an exactly exciting job to tell the world about. Okay, that's a lie. I really love my job but picture-less posts are boring (If you're even still reading this, sorry.) And I don't want to put pictures of the kids on the internet. 

I know I could post on here, but really, I know no one thinks my life is that interesting. I need a hobby ASAP!! So yeah, I'll post when something interesting happens or when I try a new recipe!

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  1. This made me laugh because I think we all feel this way. I think we all wonder if anyone ever reads our thoughts, or even cares for that matter. But just so you know, I did read the entire post, and we do think about you guys! And we love it when you update your social media so we can see that you guys are doing well! :)