Friday, August 31, 2012

Vegas baby!

We just got back from our first vacation together! 

It was a joint anniversary, my birthday, and Ian's birthday gift. 

He planned it out amazingly, we saw so much, did so much...ATE so much! Seriously, the best vacation ever!

Killer awesome shoes!

New York, New York

Cola from around the world....NASS-A-FRASS!

Bellagio Fountians

We saw Gordon Ramsey!

Umm, spiral escalators?? Awesome!

A very modern hotel (Aria I think?) had a really cool canoe sculpture.

This really cool tornado water feature in a mall.

The same mall had these ice sculptures. Fantastic!

Ian is on stage at the Penn & Teller show signing an envelope and checking a box for a trick.

The ever shiny TRUMP TOWER! It was fantastic! 

We ate lunch inside, it was so yummy!

The ship outside Treasure Island. We never did see the show haha!

Our last meal from the vacation. A little bit of death by chocolate!

We also saw Blue Man Group which was fantastic! I got an eye wiggle from one of them! I was SO close to going on stage with them! 

Our feet hurt--badly!!, but it was by far the greatest vacation ever! Thank you honey!

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