Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The trials of a long trip...

I'm so stoked, we have moved!! The move was exciting to say the least! We started out at about 6 am on Saturday the 9th, and then stopped at dad's to get a few last things. They had breakfast for us too which was fantastic! After about three hours on the road the GAS PEDAL CAME LOOSE! Ian got us stopped and I called AAA. They sent someone out real fast and the guy was able to fix it right there. Apparently there is a spring that attaches the pedal to the floor. A couple bucks for tip and we were on the road again.

We spent the night with my aunt and uncle in Tennessee (I didn't get any pictures of their GORGEOUS farm, but it was awesome). They had peacocks! Did you know peacocks can get up in the trees? We didn't! In the morning our keys got locked in the car but AAA came again and got us on the road. We love AAA haha! About 45 minutes later Ian said our brakes were acting funny. We checked them out ourselves and then decided we were okay and it was from the rain or something. I fell asleep and woke up to the tires screeching as we tried to stop for a light. We pull off and I called as many repair shops as I could find. The only person that answered laughed at me when I asked if he or anyone around there could work on our tires that day: "Har har har, around these parts?! Ain't nobody works on a Sunday in these parts! We are church goers!!" So we decided we would try our hardest to get to Memphis, or a least within our 100 mile tow allowance.

A few miles down the road we saw a Auto Zone that had the most helpful people ever! They checked our brakes and concluded it was the Uhaul's brakes. 3 hours later someone showed up to check them and they didn't see any problem and sent us on our way. As soon as we left town and headed into the deserted-ness of Tennessee, our engine and overdrive lights came on, our brakes started messing up and I was getting scared! We saw a tiny town called Whiteville and they had a little transmission shop that didn't say they were open but there were people there and a hotel next door. If anything we'd have a place to stay and they could fix it in the morning.

Enter the most wonderful people we might ever meet. He took us right in and checked everything on our car (brakes, transmission, engine, tires, everything) for $65! He said we were just pulling too much weight and working our engine too hard. So I asked where there was a dump and he said he had a friend that just got an apartment and didn't have any furniture. So we gave them our mattress set, desk, chair, bed frame, and coffee table. As soon as we started up again we had no problems!

(Pictures don't necessarily coincide with the trip, but I know you won't read if I don't add pictures :P)

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