Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The fun of a long distance trip

Just a bunch of pictures from the trip!


  1. yay for blogging!

    that seems like an exciting (but LONG) trip. your apartment looks so cute. how long are you planning on being in rexburg? you should apply for subsidized housing (we lived at Madison Park) takes about six months to get into but you can't beat $30 for rent.

    also, i'm so jealous you are in rexburg! i want to move back SOOOO bad :(. have fun.

  2. We'll definitely look into that! I might be getting a live-in nanny job next semester but if we don't get into that we should definitely look into that! And Madison Park (i think) looked nice inside!

  3. Your finally "Home"!! So glad that you guys made it safely. Where were you at with all that snow?! My goodness. We were so glad you guys came and stayed with us-even it if was for one night. Hope everything pans out well in ID. Keep up the blogging so we can see what you two are up to:)