Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm so happy here in Idaho!! We had our first holiday alone here, happy Easter! It was super fun!!

We dyed eggs on Saturday after we both went shopping for each other's baskets. We have TONS of candy so come visit us haha!!

We also had a great egg hunt Sunday morning: we split the apartment in half and hid eggs throughout the two halves. I apparently hid them a bit harder than Ian did...he's going to get me back I'm sure!

Pop-Its TNT

Also when I was out I got some little pop-its (tiny little noise makers) and hid them under the toilet seat....I've apparently started an all out prank war...if Ian remembers :D

We also had a nerf gun war on Monday. I came out of the bathroom (I was really loading my gun with darts) and came out blasting him. It was a good time!!!

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