Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time to see what I'm made of...

Ian left for Fairfax this morning. I'll see him next like on the 9th. Then at the end of July. Sigh....I can do it. I know I can. But dang.

Actually, I think if he left earlier in our relationship we wouldn't necessarily be here. And if he left later (after we were married) I'd be going with him so it would be a non-issue.

Yesterday I was crying and crying (PMS plus losing him was causing a lot of tears) and he was just holding me. He didn't even look that sad. It made me feel even worse and I asked him how he was so strong. Wanna know what he said?

"I'm not stronger than you. I'm stronger for you."

Yup, I'm totally in love with the perfect man for me.

Just before he left, after one last good cry, he looked me in the eye and said, "I'll miss you." I'm not sure why hearing him say it out loud was so relieving. But it really was.

And I'm going to be okay. Sunday's are going to be hard though I think. Maybe just to start with because I always see him on Sunday. But I have a lot to look forward to in these next couple months. I've got wedding stuff to put together, my birthday next month, a bridal shower in July, Disney with my family before the wedding, and hopefully finding some sort of temp work. So I'll be busy, and busy is good.

But please, if you see or hear me cry, let me cry. Don't try to fix it. I'll be done soon. Thank you.

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