Thursday, May 13, 2010

On a lighter note!

I spent a ton of time with Ian's family this last weekend. My parents and Ian's parents and us went out to dinner on Friday night. Then Saturday we hung out and cleaned up because of the plans for Sunday. On Sunday his brother and sister-in-law and their adorable daughter came to VA so the adults could go on a delayed honeymoon and grandma and grandpa could babysit. I also forgot I was teaching on Sunday, so I missed that (though I don't know if it's really forgot since I was sure I did it this next week. Oh well!)

On Monday we went and got family photos done. I was just about giddy that I count in a new family photo. Like, it's so cool!! The photographers were great too. I can't wait to see the pictures!

We also watched a few movies this weekend. "Paranormal Activity" gets a B- because Ian and his family talked it up a bunch more than it was. Though when I was in the kitchen getting a drink after and the water pump gurgled at me I admit I was a little scared. So maybe a normal B. "The Fourth Kind" was LAAAAAMME!!! Haha! It would get a B because it did give Ian and I something to talk about, but it was really super lame so it gets like a C. But, I wonder, are there really aliens? Hmm... I'm sure we watched another one, but I just can't remember.


  1. well hang in there. we did the same thing... paul in Rexburg finishing school... me at home trying to earn some money. it SUCKED and we saw each other most weekends. it helped me to make a chain to count down to the wedding... like the kind you make in grade school. haha.

    are you guys going on a honeymoon? my advice is do something awesome. it really adds a whole lot to the excitement of getting married and making plans help the time pass. AND in a few years from now the money spent won't matter... you only live (& get married) once ya know.

  2. Thanks Ainsley :) We're going to Williamsburg for our honeymoon. It's close but it'll be nice. I'm excited to be able to do the stuff we normally don't do because of time or whatever, ya know??