Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The story

So you asked about the job. I applied there because I needed job that was closer to my new apartment. I wasn't getting enough money or pay at the job I had. I knew it'd be hard to leave because I had been there for over 2 years, but I got a phone call saying, "We want you and we would like you to start tomorrow." Well, after talking it over and thinking I realized I wasn't going to get another opportunity handed to me like that. So I got myself replaced and started my new job.


Everyone was so mean! I could understand if they were mean to the new girl, but no, it was everyone. I thought to myself I could be a good example and show them how NOT to talk behind people's backs and do the job these parents hired us for--loving their children a
nd teaching them.

We sat on the floor all day and the kids played with one center after another. They didn't do any sorts of teaching type things. I got in trouble for letting one little girl cry herself to sleep (it took about 5 minutes, but I was neglecting the girl), and in trouble for holding another when he cried (the opposite in my opinion....no, now I was coddling). I suppose if I was more capable (since the manager there said I was incompetent) I'd know exactly what everybody expected of me.
I asked for help because I really did want to do a good job. I was told that it wasn't a job people were trained for, people just had it or they didn't. I'm pretty sure I've had it for at least the last 2 years...but apparently not. They asked if I wanted the last day to be that day or give two weeks. I decided to wait til they replaced me. That was at 11. They had a new girl at 4:30.

So now I'm back on the job hunt. I've been spoiled for 2+ years having a job I knew I wouldn't work nights and I knew I wouldn't work weekends. It's hard to say "Oh okay, let me go work somewhere I work a different shift every week so I can make no solid plans." But I figure by the time the next bill comes in the mail I'll swallow my pride and hopefully find something new. I was going to donate plasma today to make a little money but instead I get to go to the doctor to get a prescription for pink-eye. Great.

Oh, and people seem to only read if there are pictures so I put in a few. And they had nothing to do with anything. But hey, maybe you read it :)


  1. I read it Beth! Sucks to them! They don't deserve you! I'm telling you, apply at Family Solutions. I loved it. Where do you live by?

  2. that is a horrible situation. i hate whoever those people are. YOU ARE SO GOOD WITH KIDS.... seriously makes me really mad. gayle won't take you back :)? haha. good luck.

    btw: i lived off my husbands plasma for many many years.